Halloween Hair Inspiration for Every Style

Goblins, ghouls and ghosts- oh my! The spooky Halloween season has officially arrived. Throughout the month of October, Halloween enthusiasts agonize over which ensemble they will sport to countless festivities. Whether you prefer to go full on frightening or simply use the holiday to dress like you're a celebrity on the red carpet, the hairstyle you chose will truly make or break your look. Get inspired with these unforgettable Halloween locks:

hairdo for halloween

The Adventure Seeker

This adorable hairdo is ideal for any costume that elicits a sense of adventure. From zookeepers to pirates and everything in between, these loose pigtails are simple and playful. Regardless of your current length and skill level, you can master this look in under five minutes.

rainbow diy hair color

The Rainbow Rebel

If you have never been brave enough to choose a bold and daring hair color, Halloween is the perfect time to unleash your inner rebel. There is no limit to the amount of temporary hair colors available at Inscape Beauty Salon. For a last minute fix, nearly every pharmacy carries colored hair sprays in October. Opt for an over the top purple, green or blue or create a rainbow effect by using several hues. These temporary dyes (or hair chalk) will wash out easily and without causing permanent damage to your strands.

hair extensions

The Rapunzel

Want to summon the spirit of a glamorous long haired princess? If your natural hair is already lengthy, simply visiting a natural hair salon to trim any split ends may do the trick. For those lacking the volume or length desired, hair extensions from Inscape Beauty Salon are a fantastic option all year round. For a temporary enhancement, however, invest in clip-on extensions. They are reusable and can be added to amp up your style for years to come.

natural black hair

The Dark Side

For those with brunette or natural black hair, this look does not require much effort. It is the perfect complement to vampire, zombie or witch costumes and all it requires is two basic braided pigtails. To nail the look, add white makeup to your face to create a more drastic contrast. If you’re hair is platinum blonde and the thought of using a temporary dye is the most frightening thought you've encountered this Halloween, it may be best to invest in a wig. A shoulder length black wig will work best for this look. If you find you like your trip to the dark side, and later consider hair coloring from our Hair Salon located in Davie, be sure to consult a professional first.

elegant glamorous hairstyle

The Diva

Movie stars, models, singers- all of these personas scream diva. An elegant hairstyle is key to pulling off this dreamy look. This basic up-so looks glamorous and is as easy as putting your hair in a high bun and pulling a few pieces forward.

headbands hats hairstyles

The Accessories

Let's face it- accessories are a crucial part of any costume. Headbands, hats, crowns, veils, horns and the list goes on. When deciding on your hairstyle, keep the accessories in mind. A perfectly placed accessory can elevate a look to new heights but if the addition is an afterthought, it will likely show.

halloween mom and kids

The Mom

So maybe your Halloween festivities are limited to trick-or-treating with the kids, child-friendly parties and raiding the kids’ treats after bedtime. Busy moms, however, can take advantage of this holiday in a number of ways. It is the perfect opportunity to experiment with a new style or to convince your tween to sport that adorable mother-daughter look you've been eyeing on Pinterest. If all else fails, add a witches hat or rock your usual, functional style and declare yourself a “mombie" (mom zombie) when interrogated.

Halloween only comes once each year, but appointments at Inscape Salon are available all year long. Don't let your luscious locks become a frightening sight, book your escape online today!

Turn Over a New Leaf with These Must Try Fall Hair Trends

The change from summer to fall is often a subtle one in terms of weather but when it comes to hair trends, the differences are drastic. To reflect the sunshine and warmth of the summer, summer trends point to beachy waves, sunny blonde hues and practical styles. Fall, on the other hand, is full of endless possibilities. Turn over a new leaf this season with these trendy hair styles that simply scream “fall has arrived”.

Natural Hair Glitzy Headbands Davie Salon

Glitzy Headbands

In the summer, headbands were a popular go-to option for long days on the beach. For fall, the headband craze continues, although the fall styles focus less on practicality and more making a fashion statement. Runways across the globe have showcased glitzy, over the top headbands that are perfect for dressing up or keeping it casual.

Beauty Salon with Natural Hair near Pembroke Pines

Natural Hair

Whether your natural hair is curly, wavy or stick straight, fall is all about embracing your locks in an unaltered state. To maintain stylish natural hair, Inscape Beauty Salon appointments should be scheduled every six to twelve weeks for regular trims. If your strands need repair or serious moisture, it may be wise to opt for a reparative hair treatment in Davie first. From Agave Keratin treatments to Wella intense repair masks, Inscape aims to keep your natural locks in impeccable shape. When cared for properly, every natural hair style can look like one that is fresh off the pages of a fashion magazine.

Long Lock Hairstyle from Inscape Beauty Salon

Long Locks

Not surprisingly, many opt to cut off their ultra-long locks in the summer to keep cool. Along with the brisk weather, these longer styles are making a comeback. If you struggle to grow your hair to the length you desire, aqua hair extensions in Davie can be found at Inscape Beauty Salon. A professional Inscape stylist will ensure that these premium quality extensions match your hair color and current cut for an undetectably fuller or longer appearance.

Rich Hair Color Treatment near Plantation, FL

Rich Colors

Rich colors are a staple for the fall season. For blondes, hues are leaning towards honey or hints of auburn for autumn. Brunettes, however, will be sporting deep jewel toned hues with hints of dark blues, purples and rose golds. If you are into more natural hair, salon stylists can create deep multifaceted brown shades with hints of chestnut and cinnamon to bring in the new season. Hair coloring in Davie, at Inscape Beauty Salon, is as simple as booking an appointment and describing what you are searching for- our professional stylists will do the rest!

Center or Side Parts Hair style

Center or Side Parts

Regardless of your go-to everyday style, center or deep side parts are rising in popularity. This simple, yet sophisticated look can go a long way in changing up your look for a new season. If you aren’t seeking a drastic change for fall, simply changing from a center part to a side part can freshen up your hair style.

French Braid Hair style near Hollywood, Fl

French Braids

French braids have been drastically rising in popularity and they will continue to be a hot style for fall. This classic style can be elegant or casual depending on how polished the braids are. For an evening event, braid the hair tightly and twist into a low chignon. For more casual daytime affairs, braid the hair loosely and do not focus on taming flyaway hairs. This “messy” braid look is what keeps the style lowkey and manageable throughout the day.

Ready to embrace the fall season with a trendy new hairdo? Book an appointment at Inscape Beauty Salon today!

Hair Care Tips for Busy Moms

Whether you spend your day in a busy South Florida office, chasing after energetic toddlers or chauffeuring pre-teens around Davie, Florida, there is one thing all moms have in common: they are incessantly busy. By the end of each day, the last thing on any mother’s mind is glamour (aside from the usual escape to Inscape Beauty Salon fantasies, of course). While you may not have countless hours to spare perfecting your manicure or wardrobe, these simple tips will ensure that your hair looks fresh and healthy with little effort.


Don’t Wash Everyday

This is certainly the easiest hair care tip for moms who barely make it to the shower each day. Many people are prone to washing with shampoo and conditioner each time they shower. This strips away all of the natural oils produced and leaves your hair dry and prone to damage. Instead, aim to shampoo only a few times a week. If you have oily locks, opt for a dry shampoo (or use cornstarch) to decrease the appearance of oil between shampooing. Be sure to brush the dry shampoo through your hair after applying to prevent specs of powder from being spotted at the next PTA meeting.


Rinse Hair with Cold Water

Warm water is relaxing and aids in helping shampoo to remove dirt, oil and debris more effectively. After shampooing and conditioning, however, rinsing the hair with cold water will close the hair cuticle. This means that your hair will hold onto the moisture longer and it will also produce a more vibrant shine.


Take a Hair and Nail Supplement

You agonize over your children’s diets and scour Pinterest for hours to find healthy recipes that they will accept, but what about your nutritional needs? For your hair to look its best, be sure to eat a well-balanced diet full of proteins, fruits and vegetables. If you all too often find yourself skipping meals or choosing less than ideal snacks for the sake of saving time and precious energy, add a hair and nail supplement to drastically improve the appearance and condition of your locks.


Work with Your Natural Hair Texture

Many curly haired moms spend a lot of time, energy and money in hair salons to straighten their hair and vice versa. Instead of fighting your natural hair texture, embrace it. As an added bonus, you will be on top of the latest trends as this season is all about individuality and going au naturel.


Try Overnight Hairstyles

There is nothing more hectic than mornings with children. To ensure that your hair looks its best, despite only having 30 seconds to focus on your own locks, try overnight styles. These styles can be done after the kids are in bed and the rest is done while you are sleeping. All that is require in the morning is a little fluffing here and there before you rush out the door (or even in the parking lot of your child’s school, if you’re running late again).


Go for a Low-Maintenance Cut

Above all else, you can set yourself up for success by opting for a low-maintenance haircut. Styles such as a classic bob or pixie cut require very little effort and look fabulous for any occasion.

In need of a new cut to fit in with your hectic lifestyle? Book an appointment at Inscape Beauty Salon today to simplify your daily beauty regime!


Quick and Easy DIY Back to School Hairstyles

School is officially back in session here in South Florida. As the memories of lazy days lounging on the beach become replaced with pressing deadlines and all-night study sessions, sleep becomes a top priority. Fortunately, with these quick and easy back to school styles no one will know you hit the snooze button two (or four) times before arriving at your first class of the day.

hair style overnight waves back to school

Overnight Waves

If you have a few minutes to spare before turning in for the night, prep your hair before bed. Simply separate your hair into four sections and braid each one. Secure the braids in place and keep them in while you sleep. In the morning, remove the hair ties and run your fingers through the braids. The end result is flawless waves that will last throughout all of your classes.


hair salon for French braided messy bun

French Braided Messy Bun

To keep your hair out of your face without resorting to a bland ponytail, separate your hair into two portions: the top half of your hair and the bottom layer. Gather the top half of your hair at the crown and begin a French braid. Continue to braid until you reach the second layer. Secure the braid in place using a hair tie or bobby pins and then secure the remaining layer into a low-slung messy bun. This style looks like it was created by a professional hairstylist from Inscape Beauty Salon but it only takes five minutes to pull off on your own.

back to school multi ponytails DIY


A simple and unique twist on the go-to ponytail, this style utilizes several hair ties to create the illusion of a more complex hairdo. Start with a simple half-up style by placing a small section of the hair frames your crown in a ponytail. Use the length of this ponytail to create your next small ponytail using another small section of your hair. Continue this process throughout the length of your hair and voila! Instant style. If you notice a lot of split ends or flyaways are distracting from the look, it may be time to schedule an appointment for a trim with your local Davie Florida hair stylist.

back to school do it yourself hairstyle

Add a Headband or Scrunchie

For this semester, you’re in luck: headbands and scrunchies from the ‘80s are back and cuter than ever. To make the most of this trend spotted all the way from New York City to Davie, Florida, pull your locks into a cute top knot. You can add a headband to keep your bangs pulled back like you did on those warm beach days or a basic scrunchie that compliments your outfit for effortless glamour.

loose curls hair style

Loose Curls

Dreaming of luscious curls but don’t have the time or patience to curl each piece? Gather all of your hair into a high ponytail on the top of your head. Separate the hair within the ponytail into three pieces. From there, grab your favorite curling iron and curl the three pieces separately. Afterwards, spritz with hairspray and remove the ponytail. All of your locks will be adorned with loose curls that stay in place all day in less than five minutes.

Grown up pigtails DIY hair

Grown Up Pigtails

The mere mention of pigtails might give you flashbacks to kindergarten but with a grown-up twist, this traditional children’s hairdo becomes timeless. The key to avoiding the childish look is to keep the pigtails low and loose. Part your hair down the middle, all the way from your forehead down to the nape of your neck. Loosely secure each section with a hair tie and leave the locks straight or braid each one in a loose and messy traditional or fishtail braid.

low hair Ponytail College students

Low Ponytail

When all else fails and there is no time to spare before the first bell rings, opt for a low ponytail. This look is functional, fast and looks more put together than a messy bun. For best results, part your hair as usual and gather the length of your locks slightly above the nape of your neck. Secure it tightly with a hair tie and tame any flyaways in the front with an unused toothbrush and hairspray.

Back to school means a fresh start with your studies as well as your style. In need of a cut that requires less maintenance in the mornings? Book an appointment at Inscape Beauty Salon today!

Easy D.I.Y. Date Night Styles for Any Occasion

Whether a thrilling night out on the town here in South Florida or a cozy evening binge-watching your favorite series on the couch, date night is the ultimate escape from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. Such an occasion certainly warrants a little something extra when it comes to your style. You've probably already got the perfect ensemble in mind, but what about your hair? Consider these simple D.I.Y. styles to spice up your next date night:

Face Framing Curls Hair Style

Face Framing Curls

Last minute dinner date and no time for an appointment with your favorite Inscape stylist? Have no fear - this updo only looks ornate. To pull off this style, simply part your hair as normal and gather the length of your hair at the nape of the neck. Secure this low pony with simple black or brown elastic hair tie. Pull out a few strands that frame your face and curl them with a medium barrel curling iron for instant glamour when there’s simply no time to hit your local Davie hair salon.


Loose Waves

Loose beachy waves give off the ultimate romantic vibe regardless of the length of your locks. To get the look in a flash, pull your hair into a ponytail. Take your favorite curling wand and curl only the pieces that fall below your elastic band. This trick ensures that your waves are loose and evenly dispersed throughout your head.


The Side Flip

Looking for an even simpler style that still oozes sensuality? Wash and dry your strands as usual and brush them thoroughly. Part your hair in its normal place, then bend forward and flip your hair to the opposite side of your head. This creates intense volume and looks fabulous on everyone.


The Messy Bun with Faux Fringe

Tired of the same old look but not ready to commit to a trendy fringe? Pile your hair on top of your head and create a high, messy bun. Pull the ends of your strands through the bun towards your forehead. The ends as they reach your forehead will resemble a blunt bang, without ever stepping foot in your favorite South Florida hair salon.


Messy Braid

If you have longer strands, consider switching up your date night look with a messy braid. Gather the length of your hair and pull it off to one side. Braid the hair that falls at the nape of your neck all the way down the remaining length of your locks. Secure the braid with a basic hair tie and then gently tug at the sides of the braid to give it a less polished, more romantic allure.


Smooth and Sleek

Achieving a smooth and sleek look may prove to be a more difficult task for those with natural waves or curls but this hairdo is soft and touchable making it ideal for date night. Section your hair into small pieces and then use a flat iron to eliminate any waves, curls or frizz. Part your hair slightly to the side and finish with a lightweight serum to enhance softness and add subtle shine.



Regardless of your typical style, you can truly transform your hair by adding a simple accessory. A flower, a glitzy clip or even a sophisticated bow instantly takes your hair from day to night.

Preparing for an extra special date night and need some help? Call Inscape Beauty Salon to schedule an appointment today at (954) 212-9806 or book online now!

Recreate the Look: How to Ask Your Stylist for These Popular Styles

Browsing through your Instagram feed, it happens: you see a hairstyle that captivates your inner fashionista. After a week of studying this new ‘do, you officially decide it looks perfect from every angle and you simply have to have it. You book an appointment at Inscape Beauty Salon and count the minutes until it arrives. At last, you find yourself seated in a plush salon chair and gleefully present a photo to your stylist. Your stylist studies it and instantly translates the style into a slew of technical terms. Rest assured, experienced stylists can always explain these terms. However, understanding this hair-specific lingo and being prepared with photos can certainly help you feel at ease before undergoing a drastic change:


Bob with Bangs

There are endless types of bobs, however, and it is important to understand which one you are seeking. Inverted bobs will leave the locks in front drastically longer than the back while a “lob” is a cut that leaves your hair at around shoulder length. To get the trendiest bob style, ask your stylist for precise, blunt lines and includes a heavy, equally blunt fringe.


Long Pixie

This year, the long pixie is all the rage and for a good reason: it requires very little maintenance and looks fantastically chic. To recreate the modern pixie look, ask your stylist for an asymmetrical undercut with tapered edges and long, layered bangs.


The New 70’s Shag

To get the look, ask your stylist for plenty of soft (not choppy) layers. The 70's shag generally had a length that extended to the collarbone but the more subtle, contemporary twist leaves plenty of room for a customized length. To complete the shaggy ‘do, advise your stylist to cut wispy bangs that graze the eyebrows but are longer towards the sides of the face.


Color Melt

We've all seen it taking over Pinterest and Instagram: the impeccable hair color that almost imperceptibly showcases three different hues. You can’t quite tell where one starts and the next begins, but it isn't an ombre, a balayage or a sombre. This trend is known as a color melt. Unlike the previously mentioned color trends, color melting consists of three different shades. If you want to recreate this look, ask your stylist to subtly blend three different hues in the same color family.


Curtain Fringe

Bangs are back! This year the focus is on the curtain fringe which is a much more low-commitment look than the blunt bangs noted over the last few years. Ask your stylist to cut your fringe the shortest where you part your hair and angle them down subtly on each side.

Sienna-Miller_rose gold hair.jpg

Rose Brown

Blondes had all of the fun last year with the rose gold trend, but rose brown is rising in popularity. To achieve this highly sought after hue, being armed with a photo is key as the intensity of the color can vary greatly. In either case, this shade is achieved by mixing bleach with brown and red shades.


Copper Reds

Copper red hues are having a moment in a big way. From muffled down strawberry blondes to full on fiery red, the key to nailing this style all comes down to the tone. If you’re aiming for a copper red color, stress the importance of adding warmth to the color to attain the latest trends red.


Icy Blonde

Daydreaming about long platinum strands? Platinum is here to stay and it’s cooler than ever. Icy blonde hair features no brassy hues, making it more reminiscent of white hair than of honey blonde shades. This transformation, depending on your base color, may take some time. Be sure to advise your stylist that you are seeking a cool-toned white blonde and again, pictures are worth a thousand words when it comes to re-creating a hairstyle.


Au Naturel

One of the biggest trends of 2018 from the posh runways to busy streets is embracing individuality. If you want to own your natural locks, this doesn’t mean you have to skip the salon. Instead, ask your stylist for a trim and rejuvenating treatment to improve the health, texture or manageability of your organic style.

Want to recreate your favorite Instagram or fashion blog hairstyle? Call (954) 212-9806 today for more information or book an appointment with one of Inscape Salon's premier stylists.

Summer Hair Trends in Fashion Hotspots: Miami, New York and Los Angeles

Each year, Fashion Week events in Paris, Milan, London and New York set the pace for emerging trends in the prestige world of designer fashion, premium cosmetics and lavish hair. These cutting-edge styles influence everyone from Instagram moguls to A-list celebrities and the rest of the world quickly follows suit. While not everyone is bold enough to pull off the neon orange eyeliner or ultra-couture gowns, the hair styles spotted on these runways are surprisingly practical. From Miami to Los Angeles, the fashion hotspots across the U.S. are offering their own twist on these fresh-off the runway hair trends:


No city in the world does summer quite like Miami. With pool parties galore, endless sunshine and beautiful beaches, it comes as no surprise that Miami hair salons have their own take on the hair styles spotted on fashion runways. Here, humidity often plays a key role in the style that fashionistas opt to wear during the summer months. Fortunately, hair salons in Florida have embraced one of the most notable hair trends as seen in Paris and Milan: embracing individuality. Instead of trying to tame wild curls or waves, many fashion-savvy individuals in Miami are sporting more natural locks. This means tousled beachy waves and loose natural curls are all the rage. For a day at the beach, a low-slung ponytail embellished with a thin ribbon or a simple halo braid embrace the latest fads while helping to beat the heat. As for color, harsh ombres appear to be on their way out while more natural balayage and baby light styles are taking the center stage throughout each Florida hair salon.

New York


New York City is one of the great fashion capitals of the world. Although runway shows in the city draw in jetsetters from the opposite ends of the globe, there is a substantial difference between hair styles that are popular on the runway and ones that are raved about on the busy city streets. Much like in Miami, the styles that hone in on simplicity are key for the summer of 2018. Chin length bobs, finger waves and adding a small amount of product to embrace the natural texture of hair are all top choices for beauty icons. For the more daring fashion enthusiasts, neon hair tones ranging from yellow to blue are also still seeing an influx of interest after their bold presence at the Jeremy Scott fashion show earlier this year.

Los Angeles


For a destination most commonly identified by the outside world by its laid-back vibe, Los Angeles’ top summer hair trends are surprisingly more complex than those in other regions. One of the hottest trends in L.A. for the summer is a haircut which has been dubbed “the French girl” cut. A classic bob cut to lip length and paired with short, blunt bangs, dozens of celebrities have been seen sporting this minimal maintenance hairdo in recent months. This is still L.A., however, and beachy waves, big curls and otherwise textured hair still has its place in 2018. When it comes to color, L.A. is following suit with top Florida hair salons and perfecting subtle sun-kissed balayage and baby lights methods.

From Miami to L.A., the summer of 2018 is full of trendy styles that can accommodate any personal flair. Contemplating a chic new cut or color? Book an appointment with one of our trendsetting stylists right here in Davie, Florida.

9 Things To Avoid When Looking For A New Hair Salon In Florida

So you are dissatisfied with your hairdresser for whatever reason and you are now in the hunt for a new hair salon but, the worst thing you can do is to rush this decision. Do you rush to see a new doctor or dentist, or do you do your research? Well guess what, the health of your hair matters too. Your hair is your glory ladies, it can either make you look great or like a dud.

If you care about the health of your hair in wanting it to shine and give you the best possible glamorous look and so, here are the Top 9 Things To Avoid When Looking For A New Hair Salon In Florida:

  1. The worst thing you can do is to choose a hair salon based on price. Quality hairdressers and service are not cheap and so if the prices seem too good to be true then chances are, the quality of the service is far discounted too.

  2. Never step into a salon that's unregistered from the State of Florida, you are asking for problems.

  3. Do not choose a hair salon because it is popular on social media. Ae you aware that likes and followers can be bought? The images displayed on their site may not be their work.

  4. Avoid selecting a new hair salon where it's like everyone that goes in comes out looking like they shared the same mould. The worst thing is everybody's color and style is the same. At Inscape Beauty Salon, color is our speciality. With L'ORÉAL Expert Colorists, your hair will thank you.

  5. Never choose a new hair salon where the hairdressers have way too much down time, to eat, go through magazines, talk on the phone, they will forget about the color they put on your hair.

  6. Why choose a hair salon where you can never get an appointment and it's not because the salon is busy but, the hairdressers spent more time away than they do at the salon.

  7. The worst thing is to go into a salon and there is a Puppy roaming free. He's cute and cuddly but it's unhygienic. Attention will be in the dog, not you.

  8. Do you think you deserve quality service when it comes to your hair? Never choose a hair salon where doing a consultation, is not a priority because, it is.

  9. Red flag if customers complain that the hairdresser doesn't know the difference between taking off two inches and ten inches. Avoid, avoid, avoid.

Inscape Beauty Salon has taken time to advise you in spotting the red flags and to avoid them. Your hair and health is our priority, call us today to Book a FREE Consultation with our Stylists!