Tips for Flawless Halloween Hair

For some, Halloween is all about ghosts and goblins. For others, it’s all about having an excuse to be fabulously glamorous. Regardless of which side your Halloween costume lands on this year, there is no denying that the small details are what takes a costume from ordinary to extraordinary. While makeup can go a long way, the hair is often what seals the deal. Fortunately, if your ensemble doesn’t involve a wig, we have some suggestions on how to amp up your Halloween hairstyle.

1.  Does your natural hair match your costume?

If you have jet black hair and are trying to look identical to Marilyn Monroe, a wig is probably your best option. On the other hand, if you’re going to a party as a frightful witch, those black locks should be embraced. Naturally, every Halloween costume will warrant a drastically different hair style. Consider your options and determine whether you want to sport a wig or work with your natural hair. The reasons may vary depending upon the location of the Halloween celebration, the amount of time you will need the look to last and how many Halloween functions you will be attending.

pink hair halloween

2. Do you need a specific color?

If you want to work with your natural hair, start by considering hair color. Does your Halloween character have boldly colored hair? A bright blue or fire engine red hue can be achieved using temporary hair dyes. You can get a longer lasting temporary color at Inscape Beauty Salon. If you only want the color to stay in place for a few hours or until your next shampoo, Halloween costume shops typically sell a variety of wash-out colors. Although oranges, blues and greens are prominent, you can also find sprays to imitate blondes and browns.

3. Do you need to alter the length?

You don’t have to undergo a drastic haircut in Davie, Florida to pull off a Halloween costume with your natural hair. If your look requires shorter locks, try pinning the length of your hair up using Bobbi pins. This same method can also be used to create faux bangs. If you need to add length, clip in hair extensions are easy to find—even last minute. Many drug stores sell cheap varieties if you only need them to remain in place for a few hours. If you are more committed to the look, long-lasting hair extensions are available at Inscape Beauty Salon.

brunette close up princess forest halloween

4. Do you need hair accessories?

A zombie bride needs a veil and a 50’s movie star getup may require an elegant hat. Consider which hair accessories you may need to complete your look and others that may make achieving the style easier.

Be sure to try a practice run of your Halloween hairstyle before the big party or event. This will allow you to identify any changes that you need to make ahead of time. Need a cut, color or style before Halloween? Book your appointment at Inscape Beauty Salon now!

Everything You Need to Know About Modern Perms

Perms are a staple of 1980’s pop culture in America. In this decade, the theory was the bigger the hair—the better. To achieve maximum height (and width), people of all ages in Davie, Pembroke Pines, Plantation, Weston and across the country, opted for these chemically created, tightly wound curls. Paired with spandex and scrunchies, many simply can’t avoid thinking of outdated family photos when the word is mentioned. Unfortunately, the fear of looking like an 80’s poster child prevents these salon goers from exploring the modern-day perm which produces drastically different results than those of the past.

brunette perm hair style permanent

The word “perm” is an abbreviated term, which in the world of hair care, refers to a “permanent”.

A permanent is a two-step process that consists of a chemical and physical portion. The chemical portion alters the structure of the hair, allowing it to take on the desired shape for months. Although straightening perms are available, generally salon goers opt for a perm to achieve long lasting waves or curls. After determining the style you are seeking, your stylist will then customize the perm by choosing the size (or sizes) of the perm rods that will be put in place. The hair will be rolled into the rods and then the chemical solution will be applied.

back view brunette short hair permanent curl

This process has remained largely the same throughout the years, however, perms have become much less damaging and time consuming than they once were.

In the past, getting a perm required sitting under a dryer for several hours with harsh chemicals. The end result was almost always tight, frizzy curls and severely damaged hair. Fortunately, with modern perms, the process is much faster, and the permanent chemical solutions are safer and less damaging. Likewise, hair stylists of the yesteryears were much more limited in terms of the sizes of curling rods available and their knowledge of how to position them.


Today, professional stylists have a plethora of knowledge when it comes to perming hair.

Many of them even opt out of using traditional perm rods altogether and instead use rollers, fabric or even finger waves to create the look you are seeking. This means that you can achieve a subtle wave, beachy waves, large voluminous curls or tight ringlets—without the frizz and over the top, unnatural look of those dreaded 1980’s perms. Despite the improvements, it is still important to understand that a perm is a huge commitment. Regardless of how you feel about your results, the effects of the perm will be long lasting, and your hair will require much more maintenance than your natural hair.

While a perm is a fantastic way to add both texture and volume when done correctly, visiting a stylist without experience or using an at-home box perm can be disastrous. At Inscape Beauty Salon, our Broward County, Florida perm stylists have years of experience. Because of this, we know that colored, bleached, highlighted or even ultra-coarse hair will respond differently to the perm process than natural locks and we approach these scenarios with expertise to ensure the health of your locks remains at the forefront.

If you are unsure if your hair is healthy enough for a perm or simply want to learn more about perms at Inscape Beauty Salon, book a consultation online today or give us a call to speak with a professional at (954) 212-9806.

Revitalizing Your Hair, and How the Ocean Can Impact it in the Long-term

Who doesn't love taking a dip in the ocean? Beaches can be the most relaxing places on earth, especially when you're enjoying the gentle waves against your skin. When you're at one with the water, it's easy to let loose and feel all your problems float away.

However, it is important to be mindful about how much time you spend in the ocean, as it can actually spell bad news for your hair. Despite being rich in minerals, ocean water can be quite damaging. So if you're planning on getting your dose of vitamin sea anytime soon, here's what you need to know about its harmful effects on your tresses and how to deal with them:

hair revitalizing shampoo conditioner after summer

Select the Right Shampoo and Conditioner

Did you know that your hair is partly composed of water? In fact, experts at Beauty Tomorrow point out that 12-15% of our hair holds water. While one might think that taking a dive into the ocean is helpful for your hair's hydration, the osmotic properties of saltwater can actually drain out its moisture.

This is why haircare for saltwater exposure starts in the shower. It’s vital to have an arsenal of hair products that will help jumpstart your hair's healing process. Ingredients such as hyaluronic acid, keratin, and shea butter are great for moisturizing your hair, while sulfates and parabens can cause it to become more brittle.

hair mask after ocean swimming

Apply a Hair Mask

Spending too much time in the water can severely damage our strands, as Daydreaming in Paradise notes that the buildup of salt can break down our hair's proteins. This means that too much saltwater exposure can cause our hair to become weaker and more susceptible to further damage.

If you'd like to take your hair repair up a notch, you can slather on a hair mask on your damaged locks. A hair mask is much richer in moisturizing properties compared to your standard shampoos and conditioners. Not all hair masks are created equal, though, which is why you need to look out for ingredients that can revive lifeless hair, like honey, algae extract, and healthy oils. And for a deeper treatment, try applying your hair mask onto dry hair. This will let it absorb the moisturizing nutrients much faster.

haircut dehydrated ocean salty water

Get a Haircut

Not only does dehydration cause dull-looking hair, but it can also bring about severe breakage in the form of dead hair or split ends. One quick fix previously pointed out by Marccia Le Conte is to trim your tresses, as doing so regularly is essential to eliminating split ends.

Keep in mind that delaying a haircut can cause the split ends to break even deeper. This means that if you notice that your hair is drying up or has developed split ends, it's best to get a trim right away to keep your hair healthy. Our hair gurus here at Inscape Beauty Salon can properly assess what type of cut you'll need to have strong and stunning hair once again.

oil to nourish hair color

Add Some Oil

Apart from drying up your hair, saltwater can create a coarse texture that leads to holes in your hair's cuticles. This, in turn, can cause your hair color to fade.

One terrific way to bring back the color on your tresses is to rub some oil on it. Very Well Health suggests applying coconut oil and jojoba oil onto damaged hair as this can restore the luster of your locks. What's more, you can also use your oil products before jumping in the ocean, as this can help protect it from damage on the get-go.

Fresh Back to School Haircuts We Can’t Resist

If you’re even remotely active on social media, you are undoubtedly experiencing an influx of precious back-to-school photos on your feed. From your smallest cousin to the adorable pigtailed girl that lives down the street, everyone is looking their best and ready to tackle whatever the year may bring. While you might forget the ever-popular character backpack and matching lunch box sported by the smallest school-ready fashionistas, a chance to reinvent your style should never be missed. Regardless of whether you are thrilled at the thought of heading back to school or dreading the mountain of homework you (or your kids) will accrue, it’s a time to get inspired. Explore these fresh and irresistible back to school haircuts that will keep you looking fabulous from breakfast to late-night study session with little effort.

hair style woman school bangs

Side Swept Bangs

They’re back! Side swept bangs are a favorite among those who want something different but are feeling hesitant about going for a full-on, blunt fringe. Bangs are a huge commitment for those who have never taking the plunge before and a side swept bang is the perfect way to experiment. They are much more subtle than other styles and unlike micro bangs, they look flattering on everyone. You can even customize the length based on your comfort level during your haircut at Inscape Beauty Salon. Simply tell your Davie hair stylist that you want to keep them long. If you find that you aren’t a fan, they will grow out in no time. If you love them, you can go shorter at your next trim.

Bob hairstyle girl

The Chin Length Bob

A chin length bob is a low maintenance style that is short, but not too short. Your locks are kept long enough to manage a half-up, half-down ponytail and you can still rock curls or a stick straight look. The style itself is fierce, despite only requiring a brush and some moose to finesse it to perfection.

Blunt lob hair style back to school

The Blunt Lob

A longer alternative to a traditional bob, a lob allows you to retain some length yet still sport the sleekness of a bob. Many back to school goers are opting for this style, as it also creates the illusion of fuller, thicker hair. If you want to manage a full ponytail for school sports but want a modern do, this is the cut for you. To get the look, be sure to ask your Inscape Beauty Salon stylist for a blunt lob, instead of one with softer, less defined lines and angles.

girl back to school cut

The Buzz Cut

In the past, the pixie cut has been the go-to haircut in Florida for those who dared to go short. This fall, fashionistas are daring to go a step further with an even bolder and more dramatic buzz cut. You can go nearly bald or up to around an inch in length to rock this style. While this look certainly isn’t for everyone, those who it simply exudes an unparalleled sense of confidence. As a bonus, your face becomes the focal point and your makeup always looks fierce when you sport a buzz cut.

long shag hair style

The Long Shag

Boho, anyone? The long shag is the hottest style on the Boho scene this year. Typically, shags are kept above the shoulders but this one appeals to those who prefer longer lengths. It looks best when kept mid-back length, but the best Davie hair salons can customize the look based on your personal preferences. Ask for shattered layers and long bangs to complete the full long shag.

Whether you are heading back to school yourself or are preparing for a new year of PTA meetings, the back to school season presents an opportunity for a fresh start. From low-maintenance styles to dramatic hair coloring, Inscape Beauty Salon is the top destination for all things beauty and hair related in Davie, Florida. Book your appointment online today and prepare for a fabulous transformation.

Overnight HairStyles to Simplify Your Back to School Morning Routine

With school officially back in session all across Florida, students all throughout the Sunshine State are struggling to make it to class on time and keep their style looking fresh. Luckily, we have the solution (and you don’t even have to wake up early). Try our favorite overnight hairstyles to simplify your back to school morning routine.

mermaid back to school hair style for girls

Mermaid Hair

Mermaids are having a big moment right now in the Fort Lauderdale area and around the world. From mermaid t-shirts to sequined tail blankets, it’s an obsession. Summon your inner siren with minimal effort by using foam bun rollers. Wash and dry your thoroughly before bed and spritz your hair with your favorite frizz-free serum and a light gel or hairspray to hold the style. Section your hair into four or five equal sections. Gently twist one section at a time hair and wrap it around the foam bun roller. Bend the roller to hold the hair in place and leave it in place as you sleep. When you wake up in the morning, simply remove the rollers and run your fingers through your hair to blend the sections together. You will have fantastic mermaid hair in minutes that will last all throughout the school day. Want to go full mermaid with the sultry red or blonde locks? Explore our hair coloring services.

woman hair style Florida pin curls hair

Pin Curls

Dreaming of tight curls all over your head? Try pin curls. This trick has been used for decades and isn’t complicated at all. All it requires is mousse and several bobbi pins. Section the hair off into 10-20 (depending on thickness and desired tightness of the curls) even, sections. Wrap each section around your finger and slide it off, while retaining the coiled curls. Pin it down with a bobbi pin and continue until all sections have been pinned. Sleep with the pins in place and then remove them before school in the morning. Voila-- tight and bouncy curls that will last long after your homework has been done. Notice a lot of split ends while twirling your hair? It’s probably time for your regular trim at Inscape!

Headband Curls girl hair

Headband Curls

If you haven’t heard of headband curls, you’re in for a treat! This is one of the simplest overnight styles to pull off and it only takes a minute tops. Wash your hair as usual and let it air dry until it is around 80% dry. Then, add a little mouse as you brush through any tangles that may have formed. Next, grab your favorite thin fabric headband. Put it on your head so that the front goes slightly across your forehead (better known as hippie style). From there, take a small section of hair from the front and wrap it around the headband one time. Grab the remaining ends of that section and pick up another small section. Continue this process until you have made your way around your entire head and all of the length of your hair is fully wrapped. Leave it on while you sleep and you will be left with tight curls when you wake up for school.

Full Texture Waves woman hair style for school

Full Texture Waves

In the event that you want to add texture that will stay in place to your stick straight hair, opt for full texture waves. Create three equal sections of your hair and put each section in a small bun. Spritz with a gel spray or hairspray and head to bed for the night. When you take down the buns after waking, you will have extra volume and texture.

girl and woman hair plopping Florida

Hair Plopping

For those that were blessed with natural curls, you too can style your hair while you sleep. The biggest complaint we received from our curly haired here in our Davie FL hair salon is that they simply can’t stand the frizz. Hair plopping is the solution! Wash your hair and then saturate it with a moisturizing hair product. Place a t-shirt on a chair and then “plop” your hair onto the t-shirt. Tie it up around your head and leave it in place as you sleep. It will prevent frizz build up while you sleep and ensure that your curls are defined upon waking.

crimped hair texture for girls for school in Florida

Crimped Texture

Remember that adorable crimped look your hair would have when you removed your braided pigtails as a child? You can recreate the textured look without having to wear pigtails in public. Starting with slightly damp hair, part your hair into several different sections and braid them. Secure each braid with a small rubber band and leave it overnight. Keep in mind that braid size is everything with this style. If you want a full voluminous texture, make your braids small. If you want a larger crimped pattern with less volume, make the braids larger. The look can last for two school days with no touch ups needed. It also works well with a half-up, half-down style to change up the second day look and looks flawless on all hair coloring. In Florida, this is also a great way to embrace the humidity.

In need of hair coloring near you or a quick trim to make your favorite overnight style look flawless? Book your appointment at Inscape Beauty Salon online now or call us at (954) 212-9806.

Back to School: Humidity-Proof HairStyles for the First Week

First impressions are everything! For the first week of school, you’ll want to look your best. Here in Davie, Florida hair stylists know that humidity is still in full effect for the first weeks of school. If your hair proves to be one of the many types that are affected by humid weather, we recommend investing in a frizz-reducing serum and applying it before attempting any hair style. To further cut down on the dreaded humidity induced poof during the first week of school: try these humidity-proof hair styles.

braids hair style

Day One: All About the Braids

The first day of school is often intoxicatingly exciting. You prepare for it for weeks (or even months) in advance and the anticipation is real. You are greeted by friends and classmates that you haven’t seen in months and it seems as if everyone has changed something about their appearance. From new hair colors to haircuts, it’s a thrill to take it all in. Unfortunately, it is also quite hectic, especially if you are unfamiliar with where your classes are. The last thing you want to worry about on your first day is your hair. To ensure your hair stays in place and frizz-free, opt for a carefree braided look. The possibilities are endless, but we can’t get enough of the fishtail or French braids.

half down half up style for back to school hairstyle

Day Two: Half-up, Half-Down with a Twist

Today, the excitement lingers and you’re probably a little more confident in locating all your classes. Naturally, you still want to look fabulous! Be a little experimental today and rock a half-up, half-down style. You can add braids or small twists on top to keep the hair out of your face and give the illusion that you spent hours on your hair. But it takes ten minutes tops. The down portion of your hair will be a little more subjected to frizz so bring along a comb and your favorite anti-frizz serum for a touch-up around lunch time.

low slung bun hair for women

Day Three: Low Slung Bun

You’re halfway through the first week and the reality of assignments and upcoming study sessions are setting in. Let yourself be lazy today and opt for a classic low-slung bun. If you’re looking for a refined look, keep the bun tight. If wild and free is more your style, pull out a few small pieces for a messier look. Secure it in place with a few hair pins and the style won’t require any touch-ups or maintenance throughout the day.


Day Four: Grown-Up Pigtails

Think you had to leave the pigtails behind with elementary school? Think again! Top celebrities around the globe are still rocking the look and it is as adorable as ever. The key to avoid looking too childish is to place the pigtails down low or up ultra-high. It also helps if you transform them into small buns or double Dutch braids. In either case, they won’t show any signs of frizz or humidity even on the hottest Davie Florida days.

top know hair style for girls at school

Day Five: Top Knot and Go

By the end of the day, you will have officially completed your first week back at school. Prepare for an after-school celebration in advance by rocking a classic top knot. It will stay in place throughout the day and last long enough to look fabulous at a party or dinner out with friends.

If you didn’t prepare for heading back to school in advance and need a trim or want to try out that funky blue hue being sported by your lab partner, reserve a portion of your weekend for a trip to Inscape Beauty Salon. You can book your appointment online or text us at (954) 212-9806 today!

Low Maintenance Back to School Hair Colors

The end of summer is always bittersweet. The carefree, warm days slowly fade away and responsibility and cooler weather take their place. Despite this, it often marks new beginnings and an opportunity for a fresh start. This is especially true when it comes to starting a new year of school. Whether high school or college, let’s face it: your schedule is about to become hectic. Beach days will be but a mere memory as you accumulate homework and pull all-nighters to ace that big test. The last thing you will have time for is your hair, but this doesn’t mean that you can’t look fabulous as you head back to school. To start the new year off with flawless, hassle-free hair, consider our top picks for low maintenance back to school hair colors.

Keep in mind that sticking close to your natural color will likely require the least amount of maintenance throughout the school year. Whether a blonde, brunette or redhead, aim for a shade that is only two or three shades lighter or darker than your natural color for best results.

back to school brunette hair color


Balayage is still on trend! This technique results in natural looking highlights that require very little upkeep. Since balayage isn’t a hair color, it can be pulled off using colors that are close to your natural shade to keep it low maintenance. Luckily, as your roots grow out, the balayage highlights will still look as flawless as the day they were done. If you have time for hair coloring in Davie, a quick touch up at Inscape Beauty Salon can revamp the grown-out hair without requiring any drastic or time-consuming measures.


Shadow Roots

Shadow roots are another fashionable hair trend that we have seen throughout the summer and we expect to see the style continue well into the fall months. Celebrities like Kim Kardashian, Rihanna and even Beyoncé have been seen with shadow roots and it looks effortless. Essentially, the style looks as if your roots are naturally growing out. They are darker than the lengths of the hair, however, unlike natural growth, there is no harsh line separating the two. Instead the darker hue is blended gradually into the color of the length to create a soft and natural look. It requires little maintenance and even more so if you opt to keep the darker hue close to your natural one.

Pop of Color Hair Color Fall

Add a Pop of Color

If you want to stand out at school, but don’t want to commit to the upkeep of a bold color, consider adding a small amount. A pop of color can be added anywhere! Whether you want your bangs a neon green or a small strip of hot pink on the side, hair coloring will be kept to a minimum to maintain the look.

Dirty Brunette Back to School hair style

Dirty Brunette

We’ve all heard of “dirty blonde” colors but this year it’s all about the dirty brunette. Like a dirty blonde, it is a hue that is mostly brown but incorporates natural looking pieces of blonde. It is not quite warm or cool in nature, so its neutral tone is a plus for all skin tones.

Beat the back to school rush and schedule your hair color appointment at Inscape Beauty Salon today. Text us at (954) 212-9806 or book online now!

Take Inscape Beauty Salon’s 30-Day Better Hair Challenge

Summertime is notoriously hard on those luscious locks. From heat exposure and humidity to sea salt and chlorine, dry and lackluster hair is inevitable. Here at Inscape Beauty Salon, we firmly believe that healthy hair is beautiful hair. There is no better time to get started than now: join us on a journey to stronger, more vibrant hair by taking the 30-day better hair challenge:

Day 1: Get a trim at Inscape with your favorite stylist

Getting rid of split, dry or otherwise damaged ends will help you begin on the path to better hair. We recommend getting a trim every four to six weeks. If you haven’t had a trim in a few months, schedule an appointment for a haircut to get started.

Day 2: Start drinking more water

Water is crucial to the health of your hair, skin and your entire body as a whole. Aim to drink the recommended 8 glasses each day to see an improvement in your hair.

Day 3: Commit to shampooing once every three days

Far too many people shampoo their hair every day, yet the effects of excessive washing are damaging. From dry scalp to hair loss, too much shampoo can throw off the PH balance of your scalp. Most people only need to wash their hair a few times a week; aim for once every three days if you’re a frequent washer.


Day 4. Eat almonds

Almonds are fantastic for the hair. Rich in magnesium and fatty acids, almonds can decrease hair fall, increase growth and even aid in reducing dandruff. Allergic to nuts? Try increasing the amount of eggs or spinach in your diet for similar benefits.

Day 5: Google the harmful effects of sulfates, silicone and other chemicals in hair products

If you aren’t aware of the damaging effects of ingredients like sulfates and silicone, use this as a learning experience. You might be surprised to learn that your hair woes are the result of your hair products.

Day 6: Invest in sulfate free products

Now that you have learned about sulfates and silicones, shop around for more hair-friendly products. From shampoos and conditioners to hair gels, there are chemical free options available for all your needs.


Day 7: Try something new

Have you been dying to try a new style but have been too afraid to take the plunge? Try it today and renew a love affair with your hair. In need of some inspiration? Schedule a consultation for hair color in Davie today to discuss low damage options.

Day 8: Find a hair, skin and nail supplement

Even those with a well-balanced diet can benefit from an added hair, skin and nail supplement. Do your research to find one that works for you.

Day 9: Let your hair air dry

Do you run straight for the blow-dryer after showering or washing your hair? Skip the blowdryer today and instead let it air dry.

Day 10: Buy a silk pillowcase

Sleeping on a silk pillowcase at night can reduce the amount of frizz created overnight while tossing and turning in bed. Shop around for a high-quality one and let it do the work while you sleep.

Day 11: Try a DIY hair mask

Discover your favorite DIY hair mask recipes on Pinterest and give one a try.


Day 12: Wear a hat

The summer sun here in South Florida is known for fading color quickly. Protect your hue and wear a hat today.

Day 13: Invest in a new brush and comb set

Had the same brush for months or even years? Buy a whole new set today.

Day 14: Detangle your hair in the shower

Put that new comb to use and detangle your hair in the shower today.


Day 15: Rinse your hair with apple cider vinegar

Apple cider vinegar is a great way to refresh your hair. Simply add 4 tablespoons of apple cider vinegar to 8 ounces of water. You can pour the mixture directly onto the hair after shampooing or use a spray bottle. Let it sit in place for around five minutes and then rinse it thoroughly. You will be left with body, shine and ultra clean strands.

Day 16: Try an overnight style

Spend some time researching overnight hairstyles. Whether curly, straight or wavy, there is a style for everyone. This will give you (and your hair) a break as most only take a few minutes of primping in the morning to finish.

Day 17: Dry your hair with a t-shirt

Instead of reaching for a bath towel, try a t-shirt. This creates less friction and presents less chance of damage. A microfiber towel can be used for this if you prefer.

Day 18: Skip the heating tools

Straighteners and curling wands are one of the biggest causes of hair damage. Skip these today and embrace your hair's natural texture.

Day 19: Get a treatment at Inscape

Schedule an appointment for a hair treatment near Pembroke Pines, Plantation & Hollywood. We recommend the Agave keratin treatment for frizz control or a L’Oréal SerieExpert Powermix treatment at Inscape for dry, damaged or lackluster hair.


Day 20: Fake it until you make it

Dreaming of long, shiny strands? Instead of getting traditional hair extensions in Broward County, use clip-in ones or schedule a consultation for less damaging ones like aqua hair extensions at Inscape Beauty Salon.

Day 21: Massage your scalp

Massaging your scalp certainly doesn’t feel like a challenge. While relaxing, massaging your scalp also aids in increasing blood flow and stimulating hair growth.


Day 22: Look at old family photos

Have some fun today and look through your old family photos. Take note of how your hairstyles (and those of your family members) have changed over the years.

Day 23:  Recreate your favorite blast from the past style

Are you dreaming of those pigtails from elementary school after browsing through photos, or curious how you would look with your mom’s 70s hairdo? Recreate the look (just for fun).

Day 24: Treat yourself to a deep conditioning treatment

Deep conditioning your hair only takes a few minutes yet drastically improves dryness. Treat yourself to a new deep conditioner or simply leave your favorite conditioner in for a little longer than usual.

Day 25: Don’t forget body hair

Unwanted body hair? Take today to remove it. Whether facial hair, out of control eyebrows or legs; explore waxing services at Inscape Beauty Salon. The results last much longer than shaving or other DIY methods and waxing prevents painful razor burn or unwanted bumps.

Day 26: Detox your scalp

Dead skin, clogged pores and product build-up can weigh your hair down. Detox your scalp by mixing 1 tablespoon of baking soda and ½ a teaspoon of cinnamon powder with 2 tablespoons of olive oil.

Apply the mixture to your scalp and leave in place for 15 minutes. Rinse and then shampoo and condition as usual.


Day 27:  Add agave or coconut oil to your hair regime

Agave and coconut oils are excellent for repairing damage and restoring moisture. Introduce your favorite into your daily hair routine.

Day 28: Give your hair a break

Growing tired of hair styles and hair care regimes? Take a break today and throw your hair up in a loose ponytail.

Day 29: Revitalize your color

Instead of changing your entire color, opt for a gentler option. Demi-permanent or semi-permanent hair color at Inscape Beauty Salon is a great way to enhance the shine and color without the damaging effects of ammonia or bleaching. Ask your favorite Davie hair stylist about colored glazes or shine treatments

Day 30: Get inspired

Now that you are well on your way to better hair, get inspired! Dedicate a few minutes today to looking at your favorite celebrity styles or colors.

Congratulations on healthier, more vibrant hair! Now that your hair is stronger than ever, consider scheduling an appointment at Inscape Beauty Salon. Whether you are dreaming of a new color, need advice on hair care or are ready for your next trim, we’re happy to help on your journey to healthier locks. Book an appointment online now or give us a call at (954) 212-9806.

At Home Color Versus Salon Hair Color: Is There a Difference?

It’s no secret that in our society we have plenty of options when it comes to expressing ourselves through our appearances. One of the most common ways that we achieve this feat is by altering our hair color. You can find nearly any color you can dream of in both local pharmacies and top-rated Florida salons like Inscape Beauty Salon. Whether time constraints or a strict budget is the motive, it can be hard to resist the allure of a fast and cheap DIY hair color. But, is there truly a difference between at home color and salon hair color?

Quality of Hair Color

In short—the answer is yes. For starters, the hair color offered in at-home varieties is of a lesser quality than those you find in salons. This is because they contain harsher, more concentrated chemicals and often skip out on the protective ingredients used in a salon setting. Because of this, you are more likely to experience damage, breakage or hair loss at home than under the guidance of an experienced hair professional. This is both because of the quality of the dye and the lack of experience of the individual dying their own hair.

Experience and Know-How

Although using an at-home color seems fairly cut and dry, a salon professional does much more than apply dye to your hair. Before any hair coloring service begins, your stylist first conducts an initial evaluation. At this point, they are checking for many different signs of your hairs’ health, such as: elasticity, moisture, and dermal irritation. If your hair is not healthy enough to withstand hair color, your hair stylist will make you aware of this beforehand. This step alone drastically reduces the risk of hair loss and extensive damage. From there, they will discuss your desired results, consult a color wheel and mix a color according to your existing hue. All these factors play a large role in the final results of your hair color in Davie.

Lack of Personalization

When it comes to at-home colors, however, there is a “one-size-fits-all” approach. Dry and damaged hair is dyed using the same chemicals as healthy hair. A brunette and redhead can choose the same box dye and are led to believe that their results will be the same, but this is rarely ever the case. Despite the color guide, the results are never quite as expected. The color may be brassier than expected or a even a completely unexpected shade. This is especially true when making a drastic change at home, as many box dyes are not intended to lighten or darken the hair more than two or three shades from the existing one. To correct these hair color mistakes, it may take a salon expert several weeks and can be a costly venture.

The Dangers of At Home Hair Dye

Along with these undesirable results, it is easy to forget that at-home dye kits can also be dangerous when applied by inexperienced individuals. From allergic reactions to burns, stains and severe irritation, these chemicals are better off in a properly equipped salon environment where they are handled and applied carefully by professionals.  

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Repair Your Hair in An Instant with a L’Oréal Serie Expert PowerMix Treatment

From tangles to split ends and frizz to breakage, good hair days are hard to come by when your hair is dry and damaged. Unfortunately, in a world full of heated styling tools and harsh box dyes, most of us experience damage to some degree. While there are ways to reverse existing damage, these methods take time. If you are looking for an instant way to reverse years of damage, a L’Oréal PowerMix Treatment may be the solution you are looking for.

L'Oréal PowerMix treatment

What is a L’Oréal PowerMix Treatment?

A L’Oréal Serie Expert PowerMix Treatment, in South Florida and around the globe, is one of the highest quality hair repair options available on the market today. Unlike other options, PowerMix is not a pre-prepared mixture. Instead, it is tailor-made for everyone’s specific needs right in our hair salon. Before beginning, your Inscape stylist will ask a few questions to determine your biggest hair care concerns. For example, this may be breakage and color protection. This consultation helps your stylist determine which additives to include in your PowerMix Treatment. If you are unsure or receiving the treatment directly after a service, like coloring, your Inscape stylist is happy to make recommendations.

The highly concentrated hair masque is then activated, using Micellar technology, when the base and additive are combined. After mixing according to your hair’s needs, it is applied to the hair and left in place for up to 5 minutes. When the time is up, your hair is rinsed and transformed from lackluster to fabulous. Although you will have a jumpstart on healthy, damage-free hair, you should receive regular L’Oréal PowerMix Treatments in Davie and follow up with preventative care.

hair damage prevention

How to Prevent Future Damage?

After receiving a PowerMix Treatment, your hair will be rejuvenated and healthier than ever. To maintain these results, however, preventing future damage is key. To ensure that your hair remains in good condition, start by forgoing the DIY hair treatments. Whether box dyes or at-home perms, these products are notorious for damage. Instead, consult one of our professional hair stylists to ensure that these services are done correctly and with salon quality products. Likewise, Inscape Beauty Salon stylists will evaluate your hair to ensure that it is strong enough to withstand these services. We also recommend pairing a L’Oréal PowerMix treatment after services such as bleaching or highlighting to minimize dryness and damage.

Next, you should re-evaluate your daily hair care regime. Despite the widespread myths, hair does not need to be washed and conditioned daily. In fact, over washing can lead to dryness, excessive oil production and dandruff. Aim to wash your hair no more than three times a week. Also be sure to choose a gentle shampoo/conditioner that is intended for your hair type. Other measures that you can take to reduce damage includes using a thermal protector before using heated tools and using high quality combs or brushes. When these techniques are combined with a L’Oréal PowerMix treatment, you will quickly notice stronger and more vibrant hair.

Ready to transform those dull hair into luxurious silky strands? Call or book your L’Oréal PowerMix treatment appointment online today!