Summer Hair Trends in Fashion Hotspots: Miami, New York and Los Angeles

Each year, Fashion Week events in Paris, Milan, London and New York set the pace for emerging trends in the prestige world of designer fashion, premium cosmetics and lavish hair. These cutting-edge styles influence everyone from Instagram moguls to A-list celebrities and the rest of the world quickly follows suit. While not everyone is bold enough to pull off the neon orange eyeliner or ultra-couture gowns, the hair styles spotted on these runways are surprisingly practical. From Miami to Los Angeles, the fashion hotspots across the U.S. are offering their own twist on these fresh-off the runway hair trends:


No city in the world does summer quite like Miami. With pool parties galore, endless sunshine and beautiful beaches, it comes as no surprise that Miami hair salons have their own take on the hair styles spotted on fashion runways. Here, humidity often plays a key role in the style that fashionistas opt to wear during the summer months. Fortunately, hair salons in Florida have embraced one of the most notable hair trends as seen in Paris and Milan: embracing individuality. Instead of trying to tame wild curls or waves, many fashion-savvy individuals in Miami are sporting more natural locks. This means tousled beachy waves and loose natural curls are all the rage. For a day at the beach, a low-slung ponytail embellished with a thin ribbon or a simple halo braid embrace the latest fads while helping to beat the heat. As for color, harsh ombres appear to be on their way out while more natural balayage and baby light styles are taking the center stage throughout each Florida hair salon.

New York


New York City is one of the great fashion capitals of the world. Although runway shows in the city draw in jetsetters from the opposite ends of the globe, there is a substantial difference between hair styles that are popular on the runway and ones that are raved about on the busy city streets. Much like in Miami, the styles that hone in on simplicity are key for the summer of 2018. Chin length bobs, finger waves and adding a small amount of product to embrace the natural texture of hair are all top choices for beauty icons. For the more daring fashion enthusiasts, neon hair tones ranging from yellow to blue are also still seeing an influx of interest after their bold presence at the Jeremy Scott fashion show earlier this year.

Los Angeles


For a destination most commonly identified by the outside world by its laid-back vibe, Los Angeles’ top summer hair trends are surprisingly more complex than those in other regions. One of the hottest trends in L.A. for the summer is a haircut which has been dubbed “the French girl” cut. A classic bob cut to lip length and paired with short, blunt bangs, dozens of celebrities have been seen sporting this minimal maintenance hairdo in recent months. This is still L.A., however, and beachy waves, big curls and otherwise textured hair still has its place in 2018. When it comes to color, L.A. is following suit with top Florida hair salons and perfecting subtle sun-kissed balayage and baby lights methods.

From Miami to L.A., the summer of 2018 is full of trendy styles that can accommodate any personal flair. Contemplating a chic new cut or color? Book an appointment with one of our trendsetting stylists right here in Davie, Florida.