9 Things To Avoid When Looking For A New Hair Salon In Florida

So you are dissatisfied with your hairdresser for whatever reason and you are now in the hunt for a new hair salon but, the worst thing you can do is to rush this decision. Do you rush to see a new doctor or dentist, or do you do your research? Well guess what, the health of your hair matters too. Your hair is your glory ladies, it can either make you look great or like a dud.

If you care about the health of your hair in wanting it to shine and give you the best possible glamorous look and so, here are the Top 9 Things To Avoid When Looking For A New Hair Salon In Florida:

  1. The worst thing you can do is to choose a hair salon based on price. Quality hairdressers and service are not cheap and so if the prices seem too good to be true then chances are, the quality of the service is far discounted too.

  2. Never step into a salon that's unregistered from the State of Florida, you are asking for problems.

  3. Do not choose a hair salon because it is popular on social media. Ae you aware that likes and followers can be bought? The images displayed on their site may not be their work.

  4. Avoid selecting a new hair salon where it's like everyone that goes in comes out looking like they shared the same mould. The worst thing is everybody's color and style is the same. At Inscape Beauty Salon, color is our speciality. With L'ORÉAL Expert Colorists, your hair will thank you.

  5. Never choose a new hair salon where the hairdressers have way too much down time, to eat, go through magazines, talk on the phone, they will forget about the color they put on your hair.

  6. Why choose a hair salon where you can never get an appointment and it's not because the salon is busy but, the hairdressers spent more time away than they do at the salon.

  7. The worst thing is to go into a salon and there is a Puppy roaming free. He's cute and cuddly but it's unhygienic. Attention will be in the dog, not you.

  8. Do you think you deserve quality service when it comes to your hair? Never choose a hair salon where doing a consultation, is not a priority because, it is.

  9. Red flag if customers complain that the hairdresser doesn't know the difference between taking off two inches and ten inches. Avoid, avoid, avoid.

Inscape Beauty Salon has taken time to advise you in spotting the red flags and to avoid them. Your hair and health is our priority, call us today to Book a FREE Consultation with our Stylists!