Recreate the Look: How to Ask Your Stylist for These Popular Styles

Browsing through your Instagram feed, it happens: you see a hairstyle that captivates your inner fashionista. After a week of studying this new ‘do, you officially decide it looks perfect from every angle and you simply have to have it. You book an appointment at Inscape Beauty Salon and count the minutes until it arrives. At last, you find yourself seated in a plush salon chair and gleefully present a photo to your stylist. Your stylist studies it and instantly translates the style into a slew of technical terms. Rest assured, experienced stylists can always explain these terms. However, understanding this hair-specific lingo and being prepared with photos can certainly help you feel at ease before undergoing a drastic change:


Bob with Bangs

There are endless types of bobs, however, and it is important to understand which one you are seeking. Inverted bobs will leave the locks in front drastically longer than the back while a “lob” is a cut that leaves your hair at around shoulder length. To get the trendiest bob style, ask your stylist for precise, blunt lines and includes a heavy, equally blunt fringe.


Long Pixie

This year, the long pixie is all the rage and for a good reason: it requires very little maintenance and looks fantastically chic. To recreate the modern pixie look, ask your stylist for an asymmetrical undercut with tapered edges and long, layered bangs.


The New 70’s Shag

To get the look, ask your stylist for plenty of soft (not choppy) layers. The 70's shag generally had a length that extended to the collarbone but the more subtle, contemporary twist leaves plenty of room for a customized length. To complete the shaggy ‘do, advise your stylist to cut wispy bangs that graze the eyebrows but are longer towards the sides of the face.


Color Melt

We've all seen it taking over Pinterest and Instagram: the impeccable hair color that almost imperceptibly showcases three different hues. You can’t quite tell where one starts and the next begins, but it isn't an ombre, a balayage or a sombre. This trend is known as a color melt. Unlike the previously mentioned color trends, color melting consists of three different shades. If you want to recreate this look, ask your stylist to subtly blend three different hues in the same color family.


Curtain Fringe

Bangs are back! This year the focus is on the curtain fringe which is a much more low-commitment look than the blunt bangs noted over the last few years. Ask your stylist to cut your fringe the shortest where you part your hair and angle them down subtly on each side.

Sienna-Miller_rose gold hair.jpg

Rose Brown

Blondes had all of the fun last year with the rose gold trend, but rose brown is rising in popularity. To achieve this highly sought after hue, being armed with a photo is key as the intensity of the color can vary greatly. In either case, this shade is achieved by mixing bleach with brown and red shades.


Copper Reds

Copper red hues are having a moment in a big way. From muffled down strawberry blondes to full on fiery red, the key to nailing this style all comes down to the tone. If you’re aiming for a copper red color, stress the importance of adding warmth to the color to attain the latest trends red.


Icy Blonde

Daydreaming about long platinum strands? Platinum is here to stay and it’s cooler than ever. Icy blonde hair features no brassy hues, making it more reminiscent of white hair than of honey blonde shades. This transformation, depending on your base color, may take some time. Be sure to advise your stylist that you are seeking a cool-toned white blonde and again, pictures are worth a thousand words when it comes to re-creating a hairstyle.


Au Naturel

One of the biggest trends of 2018 from the posh runways to busy streets is embracing individuality. If you want to own your natural locks, this doesn’t mean you have to skip the salon. Instead, ask your stylist for a trim and rejuvenating treatment to improve the health, texture or manageability of your organic style.

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