Easy D.I.Y. Date Night Styles for Any Occasion

Whether a thrilling night out on the town here in South Florida or a cozy evening binge-watching your favorite series on the couch, date night is the ultimate escape from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. Such an occasion certainly warrants a little something extra when it comes to your style. You've probably already got the perfect ensemble in mind, but what about your hair? Consider these simple D.I.Y. styles to spice up your next date night:

Face Framing Curls Hair Style

Face Framing Curls

Last minute dinner date and no time for an appointment with your favorite Inscape stylist? Have no fear - this updo only looks ornate. To pull off this style, simply part your hair as normal and gather the length of your hair at the nape of the neck. Secure this low pony with simple black or brown elastic hair tie. Pull out a few strands that frame your face and curl them with a medium barrel curling iron for instant glamour when there’s simply no time to hit your local Davie hair salon.


Loose Waves

Loose beachy waves give off the ultimate romantic vibe regardless of the length of your locks. To get the look in a flash, pull your hair into a ponytail. Take your favorite curling wand and curl only the pieces that fall below your elastic band. This trick ensures that your waves are loose and evenly dispersed throughout your head.


The Side Flip

Looking for an even simpler style that still oozes sensuality? Wash and dry your strands as usual and brush them thoroughly. Part your hair in its normal place, then bend forward and flip your hair to the opposite side of your head. This creates intense volume and looks fabulous on everyone.


The Messy Bun with Faux Fringe

Tired of the same old look but not ready to commit to a trendy fringe? Pile your hair on top of your head and create a high, messy bun. Pull the ends of your strands through the bun towards your forehead. The ends as they reach your forehead will resemble a blunt bang, without ever stepping foot in your favorite South Florida hair salon.


Messy Braid

If you have longer strands, consider switching up your date night look with a messy braid. Gather the length of your hair and pull it off to one side. Braid the hair that falls at the nape of your neck all the way down the remaining length of your locks. Secure the braid with a basic hair tie and then gently tug at the sides of the braid to give it a less polished, more romantic allure.


Smooth and Sleek

Achieving a smooth and sleek look may prove to be a more difficult task for those with natural waves or curls but this hairdo is soft and touchable making it ideal for date night. Section your hair into small pieces and then use a flat iron to eliminate any waves, curls or frizz. Part your hair slightly to the side and finish with a lightweight serum to enhance softness and add subtle shine.



Regardless of your typical style, you can truly transform your hair by adding a simple accessory. A flower, a glitzy clip or even a sophisticated bow instantly takes your hair from day to night.

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