How to Choose Your Perfect Hair Color

At Inscape Beauty Salon, we are enamored with luscious new hues and the latest coloring techniques. While many are equally smitten with trendy new shades, others prefer to stick to their favorite tried and true shades when receiving hair coloring. This doesn’t mean that those who always go brunette or blonde are limited to the same look for life, however. The possibilities for shades of brunette, blonde and red are truly endless but some prove to be more flattering against your skin tone than others. Here’s how to choose your perfect hair color:

skin tone for hair color

Consider Your Skin Tone

Perhaps you are a brunette who has sported a golden-brown shade for years. You love the way the color looks on celebrities and the way it makes your strands glisten in the sunlight. Unfortunately, however, when you look in the mirror it doesn’t quite take your breath away like you would expect.

You may chock it up to your makeup, the bags under your eyes or any other number of components, but this could be a simple matter of your hue not being well suited for your skin tone.

This is because everyone has their own skin tone and hue and what may look fantastic on a celebrity, simply does not always highlight your best features. To determine your hue, start by looking at the veins on your hands and wrists. If the veins appear blue or purple, your skin has cool undertones. If they look greener, you have warm undertones. If neither color seems to fit the description, you may be lucky enough to have neutral undertones.

hair shade hue skin tone

Choose a Shade and Hue that Matches Your Skin Tone

Cool Tones

Ashy hues help to counteract any red hues in your cool skin tone. This results in a more flattering complexion than you would have if you were to choose a warm toned hair color.

Consider these cool toned shades of blonde, brown and red that will be most flattering:

Blonde: Platinum, Silver, Ash, or Champagne hues are your best bet for going blonde.

Brown: To pull off deep brown locks with your cool complexion opt for colors with Chestnut, Mocha, Deep Chocolate, Dark Auburn bases.

Red: Dare to go for a bold red? Look for a color that has Auburn, Burgundy or Deep Red hues.

Warm Tones

Warm toned hair colors reduce the appearance of any blue undertones in your skin, which also enhances the look of your skin.

Blonde: For warm skin tones, steer clear of platinum shades which will leave you looking washed out. Instead, aim for a blonde with hints of Gold, Butterscotch, Amber, Honey or Caramel colors.

Brown:  A pale and ashy brown color will have the same affect on your warm skin tone as platinum blonde hair. To embrace your tone, choose a Golden Brown, Deep Honey, Mahogany or Cinnamon brown.

Red: Having a warm undertones doesn’t mean you’re stuck with natural red colors. For a lighter look go for Strawberry Blonde and explore Copper and Rust shades for more dramatic reds.

natural shade of blonde, brown, red

Add Dimension to Your Color

Regardless of which shade you opt for, if you choose a flat color, your hair color will look lackluster. To get the most natural looking shade of blonde, brown or red, ask your Davie hair salon stylist to create a color with a rich base and subtle highlight, lowlights, or babylights. This will be nearly undetected most but it will add more depth to your color. For hair coloring, we utilize our top of the line color bar to create dimensional hues that are catered to each individual.

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Follow Up with Products for Colored Hair and Regular Salon Touch-Ups

To keep your coloring shining bright until your next touch up, be sure to invest in a shampoo and conditioner that is designed for colored hair. This will minimize fading, dryness and damage. We recommend L’Oréal SerieExpert Vitamino Color Protection Shampoo and Conditioner to maintain healthy locks and a fade free color. Likewise, be sure to resist the temptation to dye your roots at home. Box-dyes can result in unpleasant results and excessive damage, so your best bet is to stick to regular color touch up appointments at your local Davie hair salon.

If you need help determining your perfect hair color, one of our skilled Inscape Beauty Salon stylists will be happy to point you in the right direction. Schedule your consultation or appointment at our Davie hair salon online now!