Hair 911: Color Correction

As professionals in the hair industry, the most common dilemma we come across is hair color gone wrong. From slightly darker than anticipated to a shocking green hue, we have seen it all. All too often these unexpected shades are the result of a DIY dye job involving products from a local beauty supply store or standard box dyes from a neighborhood pharmacy. While these products seem simple to use, there is a lot of room for error. Fortunately, if your DIY dye job left you with undesirable results, we can help.

To fix a disastrous dye job, we use a process known as color correction. This is a broad term which consists of many different methods, but all of them aim to alter the current color to a more desirable shade. In most case, color will either need to be lightened (a process involving lifting out pigmentation) or darkened (where additional color is deposited) to reach this goal. In less severe cases, color correction may only warrant applying a toner to remove overly brassy hues.

Many make the mistake of attempting to correct a botched dye job by simply dying over the color with a darker one. While this sounds effective in theory, the result will be darker hair that is still a green or brassy shade. This is because a true color correction works in the same way that colored concealers work on the skin. Applying a green concealer will lessen the red appearance of a blemish, much like a green toner will decrease the overly red hues in hair. The utilization of colors which are opposite of one another on the color wheel (such as yellow and violet) play a large role in effective color correction.

For hair color correction at Inscape Beauty Salon, an initial consultation is required. This allows a professional stylist to assess the situation, discuss your desired results and evaluate the overall condition of your hair. From there, the stylist can determine how to proceed with color correction services as the approach must be determined on a case by case basis. For instance, a client with hair that is several (2 levels or more) darker than desired may need a triple-process, while a client with a mildly green hue may only need a red toner to neutralize it. Because the amount of time, color and other products used will vary drastically from one person to another, this initial consultation is also helpful in determining the cost of the service.

One of the most important benefits of a consultation, however, is the evaluation of your hair’s health. If your hair is in good shape, your stylist can likely get started right away. If your hair has become damaged during the dying process or was already in poor shape, your stylist may recommend focusing on the health of your hair before undergoing color correction. In many cases, color correction is a process that takes several weeks to complete to minimize damage.

Despite the vast amount of at-home dyes available at your local beauty supply store or pharmacy, hair coloring in South Florida is a job best left to our trained colorists. If you believe you need color correction services near Davie, book your consultation at Inscape Beauty Salon online today to get started.