Hair Trend Recap: 2018

With the year rapidly coming to an end, we think back fondly on all the fantastic hair trends that were sported here in Florida and around the globe. From the classics that received a breath of fresh air thanks to A-list celebrities, to the fresh and edgy new twists on color, 2018 certainly was a great one for glamorous locks. Take a stroll down memory lane as we recap some of the top hair trends of the last year:


1. Dutch Braids and Cornrows

These classic braided styles were all the rage among celebrities in 2018. According to Pinterest, this trend extended to the general public as well with searches for braided styles going up 445% since the end of 2017. Because of their versatility, it is likely that Dutch braids and cornrows (or “boxer braids”) will stick around for 2019.


2. The Low-Slung Messy Bun

Despite the fact the messy bun has been a staple for years, the style saw a resurgence this year. Stylists associate its rise in popularity with the fact that it is dubbed a signature style for the ultra-chic Meghan Markle. Unlike previous years where the messy bun was placed high on the head, 2018 was all about the messy bun situated at the nape of the neck with loose, face-framing strands.


3. Curtain Bangs

Long gone were the bold and blunt fringes of years past. In 2018, curtain bangs offered a low commitment fringe. Parted down the middle, curtain bangs were easy to style and required less frequent trims than a precise, straight-across fringe.


4. The Wet Look

The wet look was back and better than ever. This popular style is accomplished with gel or mouse and has been pulled off in several ways over the years. This year, however, the key was slicking the front back to achieve a fresh out of the shower look that lasts all day long.


5. The Top Knot

Simple, low-maintenance and chic, the top knot was the go-to style for casual and formal occasions alike. From all up, to half-up and half-down, this hairdo was extremely versatile and suitable for most hair lengths.


6. Subtle Pops of Color

After the ombre craze of 2017, this year we saw a subtler approach to hair coloring in Davie. Ombres transformed to the less dramatic sombre, but fun pastels remained a common request.


7. Caramel Hues

Another style inspired by Meghan Markle, caramel hues were another big trend in color. Like Markle’s style, a dark chocolate base with light hints of a golden caramel gave the illusion of naturally flawless locks.


8. Pixie Cuts

For anyone daring to go short in 2018, the solution was a pixie cut at your local hair salon in Davie. Dubbed the “year of the pixie” by fashionistas, pixie cuts of varying lengths were spotted on some of the hottest celebrities in Hollywood.


9. The New Shag

Shaggy hair styles reminiscent of ‘70s rockstars were one of the top haircuts of the year. A lot of layers and volume made this a low-maintenance but trendy look.


10. Lobs

A “lob”, or “long bob”, was another signature look for 2018. Gracing, or just barely extending past the shoulders, the lob was especially popular for those who opted to grow out their short or angular bobs from 2017.

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