Fresh Back to School Haircuts We Can’t Resist

If you’re even remotely active on social media, you are undoubtedly experiencing an influx of precious back-to-school photos on your feed. From your smallest cousin to the adorable pigtailed girl that lives down the street, everyone is looking their best and ready to tackle whatever the year may bring. While you might forget the ever-popular character backpack and matching lunch box sported by the smallest school-ready fashionistas, a chance to reinvent your style should never be missed. Regardless of whether you are thrilled at the thought of heading back to school or dreading the mountain of homework you (or your kids) will accrue, it’s a time to get inspired. Explore these fresh and irresistible back to school haircuts that will keep you looking fabulous from breakfast to late-night study session with little effort.

hair style woman school bangs

Side Swept Bangs

They’re back! Side swept bangs are a favorite among those who want something different but are feeling hesitant about going for a full-on, blunt fringe. Bangs are a huge commitment for those who have never taking the plunge before and a side swept bang is the perfect way to experiment. They are much more subtle than other styles and unlike micro bangs, they look flattering on everyone. You can even customize the length based on your comfort level during your haircut at Inscape Beauty Salon. Simply tell your Davie hair stylist that you want to keep them long. If you find that you aren’t a fan, they will grow out in no time. If you love them, you can go shorter at your next trim.

Bob hairstyle girl

The Chin Length Bob

A chin length bob is a low maintenance style that is short, but not too short. Your locks are kept long enough to manage a half-up, half-down ponytail and you can still rock curls or a stick straight look. The style itself is fierce, despite only requiring a brush and some moose to finesse it to perfection.

Blunt lob hair style back to school

The Blunt Lob

A longer alternative to a traditional bob, a lob allows you to retain some length yet still sport the sleekness of a bob. Many back to school goers are opting for this style, as it also creates the illusion of fuller, thicker hair. If you want to manage a full ponytail for school sports but want a modern do, this is the cut for you. To get the look, be sure to ask your Inscape Beauty Salon stylist for a blunt lob, instead of one with softer, less defined lines and angles.

girl back to school cut

The Buzz Cut

In the past, the pixie cut has been the go-to haircut in Florida for those who dared to go short. This fall, fashionistas are daring to go a step further with an even bolder and more dramatic buzz cut. You can go nearly bald or up to around an inch in length to rock this style. While this look certainly isn’t for everyone, those who it simply exudes an unparalleled sense of confidence. As a bonus, your face becomes the focal point and your makeup always looks fierce when you sport a buzz cut.

long shag hair style

The Long Shag

Boho, anyone? The long shag is the hottest style on the Boho scene this year. Typically, shags are kept above the shoulders but this one appeals to those who prefer longer lengths. It looks best when kept mid-back length, but the best Davie hair salons can customize the look based on your personal preferences. Ask for shattered layers and long bangs to complete the full long shag.

Whether you are heading back to school yourself or are preparing for a new year of PTA meetings, the back to school season presents an opportunity for a fresh start. From low-maintenance styles to dramatic hair coloring, Inscape Beauty Salon is the top destination for all things beauty and hair related in Davie, Florida. Book your appointment online today and prepare for a fabulous transformation.