Recreating Our Favorite Beauty Looks with L’Oréal Majirel Hair Color

Hair and makeup go hand in hand when it comes to looking and feeling your best. They can be used seperately, but the most stunning looks are always created when they work together in unison. From skintone enhancing colors to advanced techniques, here’s how to transform your favorite beauty look into a hair color with L’Oréal Majirel’s extensive color line.

adult-beautiful-metallic hair shine

Metallics to Add Shine

Metallic makeup is one of the trendiest looks for the Spring 2019 season. From the red carpet to the runway, shiny metal-based hues are gracing the eyes and lips of all of our favorite starlets. The reflective nature of these shades brightens up the skin and adds an undeniable hint of drama.

At Inscape Beauty Salon, we embrace the popularity and skin brightening benefits of the metallic trend with L’Oréal Majirel's The Metals color line. With chic tints from “Pink Ash" to “Silver Star" and a high-shine formula, your uninspired mane quickly goes from humdrum to Hollywood.

adult-beautiful-brunette contour hair style

Contour for a More Flattering Shape

You've seen the awe-inspiring results that professional makeup artists and even top video bloggers achieve through the power of contour. Whether you've mastered this cosmetic optical illusion yourself or cant quite pull it off, the magic works beyond makeup. It’s been incorporated into Parisian fashion and yes- even hair coloring in South Florida.

The key to pulling off any contour effect is to use a bright color to draw the eye towards certain areas and a darker one to divert attention from others. By creating shadows and depth with strategically placed color, your round face can be elongated, or your square face can be softened. The result is a seemingly more flattering face shape without the need for daily contouring makeup. Hair contouring and balayage styles work particularly well with L’Oréal Majirel Contrast color line for brunettes. As a bonus, no pre-lightening is required which means results are achieved in less time with less damage than other products.

adult-attractive hair tone color

Neutralize Unwanted Tones for Flawless Color

Choosing the correct concealer is a given when it comes to neutralizing redness, dark circles or even those dreaded age spots. For instance, a green concealer will hide redness and a pink one will combat dark circles. While a basic in cosmetics, it is one concept that is all too often neglected. The result of the wrong shade of makeup means every imperfection shows through your foundation and your whole look is a bit “off”. If the wrong shade of foundation is also chosen, the skin can look too dull or even orange.

The same goes for your hair color. Choosing the wrong one simply prevents you from looking your best. We always advise consulting one of our Inscape Beauty Salon color specialists to ensure you are choosing a complementary hue, but unlike cosmetics, hair color can change. Hair color in Davie, Florida is subjected plenty of sunshine and heat; both of which can alter your perfect hue over time. Add in other factors like chlorinated water, harsh shampoos and heated tools and brassiness or fading are a given. If your icy blonde has slowly shifted to a golden blonde or your chocolate brunette has gone copper, a color correcting neutralizer is needed. Majirel’s Cool Over line is a long-lasting neutralizer, preferred by Inscape Beauty Salon professionals, to keep brassiness at bay.


Searching for a L’Oréal Majirel hair color or want to recreate your favorite makeup trends through your hair color? Inscape Beauty Salon is proud to offer an extensive range of fresh hues and products right here in Davie and neighboring cities. Call or text us now at (954) 212-9806 to schedule your hair color consultation or book online in seconds!