6 Valentine’s Day Hairstyles That Your Date Will Find Irresistible

Valentine's Day has arrived, and love is in the air here in South Florida! Whether your idea of a romantic Valentine's Day date includes an energetic night in Fort Lauderdale and Miami or a quiet weekend getaway in the Keys, you want to look your best in all those cute couple selfies you'll be snapping. One of the simplest ways to upgrade your look for this special occasion is to try a new hairstyle. If you’re looking for something more than your ordinary hairdo, try one of these sultry Valentine's Day date night looks:

soft wave valentines day in South Florida

Soft Waves

A truly classic and elegant style, you can’t go wrong with voluminous, bouncy waves for Valentine’s Day. This look can be created through classic methods like hot rollers, or with a large barrel curling iron. Regardless of which method you choose, use a finishing spray to add shine and eliminate flyaways. The result is a polished and seductive look that anyone can pull off. For best results, visit your local Davie hair salon for a trim beforehand.

The sliced back wet look

The Slicked Back Wet Look

The slicked back wet look has been sported by celebrities all around the world in recent years. The key to nailing this style lies in the products you use. Opt for a hair gel that provides a strong hold without leaving your hair stiff or sticky. Afterall, Valentine’s Day is all about romance and nothing kills the mood quite like running your hands through sticky hair.

windblown hair style


Even if your Valentine’s Day plans don’t include a long walk on the beach with the wind blowing through your hair, you can get the look at home. This style is all about looking carefree and wild. To pull it off, apply plenty of mousse and a lightweight oil, like argan oil. This will keep your hair in place and make it shine without weighing it down. Next, divide your hair into four equal sections and blowdry one section at a time. As you blowdry, use a large round brush and gently twist the hair around it. This will create volume and that sexy windblown look.

curly chic chignon made at inscape beauty salon

Curly Chic Chignon

This curly chignon looks sophisticated and over the top, but only takes a few minutes to master even if you aren’t an Inscape Beauty Salon guru. Gather the length of your hair at the nape of your neck in a traditional chignon and then pull a few pieces out. Curl these pieces with a small barrel curling iron and your average chignon is instantly transformed into a lavish look.

Fishtail Braid hair salon davie

Fishtail Braid

A grown-up twist on a classic style, the fishtail (or inverted) braid instantly adds a little something extra to your look. As a bonus, you can create a soft look by braiding the hair loosely or a more polished one with a tighter braid. If you are unfamiliar with this style of braiding, it is shockingly easy to learn.

polished pony hairstyle

Polished Pony

If you typically wear your hair down for date night, switching to an updo can easily transform your style from ordinary to romantic. You can’t go wrong with an ultra-polished pony. It is simple yet looks stunning for every occasion. Be sure to apply a lightweight oil or finishing spray to get rid of frizz and keep your locks looking glossy.

Need a trim or root touch up to perfect your style before Valentine’s Day? Book your appointment at Inscape Beauty Salon online now!

The Ultimate Guide to Repairing Damaged Hair

Nothing ruins a fantastic cut, color or style like damaged hair. Sometimes you know exactly what caused the damage: improper use of hair dyes, excessive use of heating tools or frequent applications of bleach are the top offenders. Other times, however, the reason for damaged hair is less noticeable. Actions like skipping regular trims, wearing your hair in tight ponytails or using harsh shampoos, also lead to hair loss, breakage and split ends over time. Regardless of what turned your once glamorous locks into a dry, tangled mess; there is hope for restoring it to its former glory.


Assess the Damage

First things first, look at your hair and assess the level of damage. Is your hair breaking, falling out or dry? These are telltale signs of damage, but dry, coarse or otherwise lackluster locks are also an indicator that your hair is not at its healthiest. If the damage is severe, it is wise to consult a professional for guidance before the situation gets worse. The hair gurus at Inscape Beauty Salon are happy to assess your level of damage and put you on the path to healthy hair.

determine the cause of hair damaged

Determine the Cause

If you know what is causing your hair woes, it is crucial to eliminate the problem. For instance, if you find yourself dying your hair with a box dye frequently, try to abstain from dying for a few months. Likewise, if you utilize a blow dryer, curling wand or straightening iron every day, try to decrease usage or operate these tools on a lower temperature setting until your hair has time to recover.

get a haircut to fix damages

Get a Haircut

Our hair salon in Davie is known for precise cuts and cutting-edge styles, but we also do our fair share of regular trims. Trims are important for eliminating split ends that would spread to the roots if left in place. The cut does not have to be drastic but cutting off the worst areas of damage is a great place to start when you are aiming for healthy hair.


Opt for a Hair Treatment

Hair treatments in South Florida are one of the most popular ways to repair dry, damaged hair. At Inscape Beauty Salon, we offer several treatments including a renowned L'Oréal SerieExpert Powermix Treatment, Agave Keratin Treatment and a Fusion Plex Intense Repair Mask. Each one of these treatments drastically improve the manageability and condition of your hair and are a fantastic way to start your journey to healthier hair.

L'Oreal absolut repair shampoo for damaged hair

Use Products Formulated for Damaged Hair

Is your current shampoo or conditioner intended for damaged hair? Often, those with damaged hair continue to use harsh products on their hair without realizing that these products may be adding to the damage. Shampoos that are formulated specifically for damaged hair are much gentler than clarifying shampoos, while regular conditioners may not be adding enough moisture. For clients with moderate to severe damage, we recommend the L'Oréal Professionnel SerieExpert Absolut Repair Shampoo, Conditioner, and Mask.

healthy diet is good for hair

Eat a Healthy Diet

To attain healthy, beautiful hair, it is equally important to focus on your diet. This is because your body needs essential vitamins for your hair to grow and maintain its integrity. Foods like avocado, salmon, eggs and almonds are ideal for speeding up hair growth and giving it a natural shine. You can also add a multivitamin to your diet to ensure that all of your body’s needs are being met.

While damaged hair cannot instantly be repaired, after following these steps for several weeks, the condition of your hair should be notably improved. If you are not seeing results after several months, it may be wise to consult a physician or a dermatologist to rule out other causes.

Considering a hair treatment in Davie to jumpstart your journey to healthy hair? Call Inscape Beauty Salon or book online now to secure an appointment in minutes.

10 Hair Trends to Watch Out for in 2019

It’s official: 2018 has come to an end. As we fondly reminisce over the greatest hair trends the year brought us, we bravely look ahead to the future. So, what can we expect to see here in our Davie, Florida hair salon and around the globe? All signs point to fierce color and even more dramatic cuts:

Lilac Locks

Lilac Locks

For 2019, beauty industry experts are predicting that Lilac hues will be all the rage. This shade of purple is dramatic, yet soft and pastel. It is not as over the top as the neon colors sported on the runway last year, but still definitely makes a statement.

Baby Fringes

Baby Fringes

Dubbed the “baby fringe” for its similarity to a child’s first bangs, these bangs start several inches above the eyebrows and can be either wispy or blunt. It is a style that you either absolutely love or would never even consider. There is no in-between for this polarizing hairdo, but hair gurus predict it will be a top trend for 2019.

The Updated Throwbacks

The Updated Throwbacks

While a general category, this year will be one where you note a lot of modern updates being made to older styles. For instance, the updated short French bob and tight perms.

90s Style Hair Accessories

’90s Style Hair Accessories

Another hot new trend is the resurgence of ‘90s style hair accessories. From scrunchies to butterfly clips and zigzag headbands, they are all socially acceptable (encouraged, even) once again.

Copper Colors

Copper Colors

Nearly every hairstylist agrees that copper hair colors will be one of the trendiest hues of 2019. In our Davie, Florida hair salon we combine reds and oranges at our color bar to develop a one-of-a-kind copper tone.

Slicked Back

Slicked Back

Taking a cue from the future 2019 runway looks, it appears as if the slicked back style of the ‘90s is also making its way back. Whether curly or straight, this style involves adding gel to tame any strays and create a somewhat “wet” look.

Everything Flowers

Everything Flowers

Wearing flowers in your hair is not a new concept, but it will be one that is spotted all over the world this year. Whether an actual fresh flower, a clip or a headband, this ultra-feminine look can be pulled off by anyone.

Colorful Extensions

Colorful Extensions

Hair extensions in Davie have typically been colored to match your natural hair. In 2019, many people are opting for a less subtle look. Instead of matching the color of the extensions, they are being colored an electrifying shade so that they stand out.

The Grunge Look

The Grunge Look

A common theme for 2019 is taking inspiration from the ’90s. A time where grunge was all the rage, it isn’t surprising that second and third day, messy hair is already becoming a top trend.

Long Live the Top Knot

Long Live the Top Knot

One of our favorite trends from 2018 is coming along for another year. The top knot is still a trendy, go-to style. To give it a more updated and grungy twist, be sure to pull a few face framing pieces down.

Start off the New Year with a brand-new you! Our team of professional stylists at Inscape Beauty Salon are in tune with the latest trends in the world of hair and we are happy to lead you in the right direction. Whether you want to explore a bold new color or a subtler cut, book your appointment online today to discuss all the possibilities for your 2019 style.

Hair Trend Recap: 2018

With the year rapidly coming to an end, we think back fondly on all the fantastic hair trends that were sported here in Florida and around the globe. From the classics that received a breath of fresh air thanks to A-list celebrities, to the fresh and edgy new twists on color, 2018 certainly was a great one for glamorous locks. Take a stroll down memory lane as we recap some of the top hair trends of the last year:


1. Dutch Braids and Cornrows

These classic braided styles were all the rage among celebrities in 2018. According to Pinterest, this trend extended to the general public as well with searches for braided styles going up 445% since the end of 2017. Because of their versatility, it is likely that Dutch braids and cornrows (or “boxer braids”) will stick around for 2019.


2. The Low-Slung Messy Bun

Despite the fact the messy bun has been a staple for years, the style saw a resurgence this year. Stylists associate its rise in popularity with the fact that it is dubbed a signature style for the ultra-chic Meghan Markle. Unlike previous years where the messy bun was placed high on the head, 2018 was all about the messy bun situated at the nape of the neck with loose, face-framing strands.


3. Curtain Bangs

Long gone were the bold and blunt fringes of years past. In 2018, curtain bangs offered a low commitment fringe. Parted down the middle, curtain bangs were easy to style and required less frequent trims than a precise, straight-across fringe.


4. The Wet Look

The wet look was back and better than ever. This popular style is accomplished with gel or mouse and has been pulled off in several ways over the years. This year, however, the key was slicking the front back to achieve a fresh out of the shower look that lasts all day long.


5. The Top Knot

Simple, low-maintenance and chic, the top knot was the go-to style for casual and formal occasions alike. From all up, to half-up and half-down, this hairdo was extremely versatile and suitable for most hair lengths.


6. Subtle Pops of Color

After the ombre craze of 2017, this year we saw a subtler approach to hair coloring in Davie. Ombres transformed to the less dramatic sombre, but fun pastels remained a common request.


7. Caramel Hues

Another style inspired by Meghan Markle, caramel hues were another big trend in color. Like Markle’s style, a dark chocolate base with light hints of a golden caramel gave the illusion of naturally flawless locks.


8. Pixie Cuts

For anyone daring to go short in 2018, the solution was a pixie cut at your local hair salon in Davie. Dubbed the “year of the pixie” by fashionistas, pixie cuts of varying lengths were spotted on some of the hottest celebrities in Hollywood.


9. The New Shag

Shaggy hair styles reminiscent of ‘70s rockstars were one of the top haircuts of the year. A lot of layers and volume made this a low-maintenance but trendy look.


10. Lobs

A “lob”, or “long bob”, was another signature look for 2018. Gracing, or just barely extending past the shoulders, the lob was especially popular for those who opted to grow out their short or angular bobs from 2017.

Want to hang on to your 2018 style as we ring in the New Year, or start 2019 with a fresh new look? Book an appointment at Inscape Salon online today!

Holiday Gift Sets Now Available

‘Tis the season for giving! The holidays are a joyous time of year, but all too often we become consumed with the stress of gift buying. Fortunately, we are making holiday shopping easier than ever with our wide assortment of hair salon holiday gift sets. From beauty guru to au naturel, we have a gift set that is perfect for every recipient on your shopping list.

La Tweez Pro Illuminating Tweezers in White

La Tweez Pro Illuminating Tweezers in White

Forget the bulky lighted mirror- plucking your brows to perfection has never been easier than with these illuminated tweezers by La Tweez. Crafted with fine stainless steel, the grip is flawless and the built-in light makes spotting every stray hair a breeze.

L’Oreal Serie Expert Vitamino Color A-OX Holiday Gift Set

L’Oréal Serie Expert Vitamino Color A-OX Holiday Gift Set

This fabulous set from the L’Oréal Serie Expert line includes three products: a shampoo, conditioner and 10-in-1 perfecting spray. These products rank highly among hairstylists’ favorite products and make a great gift for those with color-treated, damaged and highlighted hair. Filled with antioxidants and UV filters, this set aids in protecting the hair from the elements to prevent fading and lackluster locks.

L'Oreal Serie Expert Inforcer Holiday Gift Set

L'Oréal Serie Expert Inforcer Holiday Gift Set

The L’Oréal Serie Expert Inforcer gift set is curated with those who have normal to fragile hair in mind. Complete with a shampoo, conditioner and a top of the line strengthening, anti-breakage smoothing cream, this set aids in improving the overall condition of the hair through a unique composition of Biotin and Vitamin B6.

L'Oreal Professionnel Serie Expert Inforcer Brush Proof Detangling Spray Holiday Ornament

L'Oréal Professionnel Serie Expert Inforcer Brush Proof Detangling Spray Holiday Ornament

Damaged, fragile hair is prone to breakage during brushing and styling. This brush proof detangling spray is applied to the hair before brushing to reduce breakage and damage. Like other products in the Inforce line by L’Oréal Professional Serie Expert, this spray combines Biotin and Vitamin B6 to reach impressive results with little effort.

Moroccan Oil Treatment Holiday Ornament

Moroccan Oil Treatment Holiday Ornament

Created in Israel, this highly renowned Moroccan Oil treatment aids in decreasing drying time, preventing tangles and restoring shine to all hair types. Packaged in a one-of-a-kind snowflake print box, all this ornament needs is a bow and it is pretty enough for giving.

Moroccan Oil Treatment (Light) Holiday Ornament

Moroccan Oil Treatment (Light) Holiday Ornament

This Morocca Oil treatment contains the beautiful, ready to gift pattern along with all of the same proteins and benefits of the original ornament but it is light enough to use as a finishing treatment.

Moroccan Oil Everlasting Holiday Gift

Moroccan Oil Everlasting Holiday Gift Set

This award-winning Moroccan Oil Everlasting product line focuses on hydration for dry locks. This holiday edition set includes three products, including a hydrating styling cream, a luminous hairspray and a Moroccan oil treatment.

Moroccan Oil Travel Kit Holiday Gift Set Edition

Moroccan Oil Travel Kit Holiday Gift Set Edition

Travel kits are a lifesaver for anyone who frequently travels for business or pleasure. This product is available in three different varieties to meet the needs of all hair types, including:

- DESTINATION: REPAIR Kit includes Moroccan Oil Treatment, Moisture Repair Shampoo and Conditioner and Mending Infusion.

- DESTINATION: HYDRATE Kit includes Moroccan Oil Treatment, Hydrating Shampoo and Conditioner and Hydrating Styling Cream

- DESTINATION: VOLUME Kit includes Moroccan Oil Treatment Light, Extra Volume Shampoo and Conditioner and Root Boost

Moroccan Oil Limited Edition Spa Candle

Moroccan Oil Limited Edition Spa Candle

This limited edition spa candle has a burn life of up to 50 hours and a soothing Moroccan Oil scent. The simplistic design makes it blend in seamlessly with any existing home decor while boasting an eco-friendly composition.

Interested in purchasing one of our holiday gift sets for someone special on your shopping list? Stop by and pick one up today or browse our collection during your next appointment at Inscape Beauty Salon.

Six Festive Ways to Style Short Hair for the Holidays

Long locks, while more time-consuming to maintain, have an array of style possibilities for every occasion. From down and flowing to intricate chignons and everything in-between, it isn’t hard to find a flattering and festive style for the holidays. Those with short manes, on the other hand, may feel limited in terms of fresh hair styles. Fear not; however, for here are six quick and easy techniques for styling short hair for any holiday celebration:

ringlet curls hair

Add Some Ringlets

Is your short hair usually stick straight? Adding curls is a fantastic way to add volume and breathe some new life into hair of any length. If your hair is shorter than shoulder-length, opt for a small barrel curling iron to create well-defined and small ringlets. Spritz with your favorite hairspray to hold the style in place while you party through the night.

braided top knot hair style

Go for a Braided Top Knot

Elegant meets edgy with a braided top knot hair style. The only requirement for your short locks is that they are long enough to create a single braid that lies tightly against the scalp. Begin the braid at your hairline and work your way back until you reach the top of your head. From there, secure the braid and then gather your remaining strands (as well as the end of the braid) in a loose top knot.

pin curls hair style

Try Loose Pin Curls

For a sultry, vintage look, opt for pin curls. This look can be created with many techniques. One of the most popular; however, is to simply separate the hair into small sections and twist each section into a loose curl. Secure each pin curl in place using a bobbi pin or hair clip and leave them in place overnight. When you wake, remove them to reveal flawless pin curls that are sure to garner plenty of attention at any event.

bright red splash hair color

Add a Splash of Color

Hair coloring in Davie is one of the most popular services around the holidays. Whether hiding grays, covering roots or experimenting with a new look, color can make all the difference. If you are usually blonde or brunette, a bright red will offer all of the excitement you need to renew your love for your short locks.

low chignon hair style

Sport a Low Chignon

Chignons are the ultimate sophisticated style and are ideal for any type of gathering. Despite what you may think, they can work with short hair styles just as well as long ones. To pull off a chignon with short locks, the key is to keep it low and around the nape of the neck.

hair extension davie florida hair salon

Fake it

Desperately pining over lengthy luscious strands that can be braided and styled in any imaginable way? Hair extensions in the Pembroke Pines area are always an option. There are various types to choose from, whether you are looking for a permanent solution or a temporary one.

In need of a trim, color or style before a big holiday celebration or looking for the perfect gift for your fashion forward friends or family members? It’s not too late to book your appointment or purchase a holiday gift card to get a FREE voucher (up to $100 value) at Inscape Beauty Salon today!

Inscape, Reinvented: Explore Our Brand New Salon

Here at Inscape Beauty Salon, we firmly believe that the salon experience is just as important as the hair itself. From elegant aesthetics to relaxing sounds, every minor detail has been considered to maximize your encounter. While we have always aimed to create the ultimate salon escape, we have worked diligently to take our salon to a whole new level. Reminiscent of a top of the line day spa, we are pleased to introduce our brand new, fully renovated Davie, Florida salon location. From top to bottom, Inscape has received a beauty treatment of its very own: take a peek at our exciting changes!


Rustic, Chic & Comfortable


As you enter Inscape Beauty Salon’s doors, kick back and relax in our completely redesigned reception area and waiting room. Enhanced with rustic yet chic décor and practical furnishings, this space is ideal for flipping through magazines, browsing Instagram or discovering our line of organic hair care products for retail.  Filled with natural light and elements of nature throughout, our freshly designed reception area instantly elicits a sense of warmth and coziness. Whether you opt to lounge on the sofa or explore the intricate details of the salon, this is only the beginning of your revolutionary experience at Inscape.


Functional, Cosy & Unforgettable

When your appointment time arrives, you will be delighted as you are ushered into our breathtakingly bright main room. The natural elements from our reception area follows suit as you are greeted by eight fully-equipped hair stations. Our updated layout ensures maximum organization and seamless functionality for our staff while providing an opulent sense of splendor for our guests. From a massage chair to a coffee bar, there is no shortage of pampering here.


Taking a deeper look into Inscape, you will discover an elegant nail room. Equipped with two manicure and two pedicure stations, this room is filled with high quality products and optimal space for decompressing.

Another result of the Inscape renovation is a skincare treatment room. This room allows for maximum privacy and comfort during any of our skincare treatments.


Despite the number of changes to the interior of Inscape Beauty Salon, our friendly and skilled staff members remain dedicated to making you look and feel your best! Book your appointment at the all-new Inscape Beauty Salon today.

The Secret to Mastering Your New Hair Style at Home

So you’ve taken the plunge and scheduled an appointment at Inscape Beauty Salon: the atmosphere is relaxing, the stylist is a pro and your completed haircut is absolute perfection. You are walking on cloud nine until the next time you wash and style your locks without the help of your skilled Inscape stylist. While we all fantasize about having a professional stylist at home to recreate the gorgeous yet natural hair salon style, unfortunately most of us are left to recreate the look on our own. So how can you recapture that fresh from the salon look at home? Follow these simple steps to master the style:


Take Your Time

Certainly the best stylists in the Pembroke Pines area have a knack for hair, however they also take their time. While visiting the salon, your stylist carefully brushes through every strand, washes, rinses, dries and styles thoroughly. If your morning routine is hectic, set aside some time in the evening to play around with your new style. This will allow you to learn what looks best without being rushed.


Let Go of Your Old Look

All too often, visitors to hair salons close to Hollywood Florida, and around the globe, cling to their old styles. It is easy to fall into a rut when it comes to your hairstyle because it is easy and less daring. Your new ‘do, however, is completely different than your old one. Your long locks may have looked great parted straight down the middle, while your fresh inverted Bob may look best with a side part.


Train Your Hair

Much like a muscle, your hair becomes accustomed to certain styles. For instance, your hair may naturally fall to one side of your face or your bangs may naturally part in the front. This goes hand in hand with avoiding old styles. After a few days of keeping up with your look, your hair will start to naturally fall into place.


Dry Your Hair Properly

If you turn to a blow dryer to dry your hair after washing, consider how the professionals at Inscape Beauty Salon dried your hair during your appointment. Although it is tempting to dry it quickly and brush it out afterwards, comb the hair prior to drying and continue to brush during the process for salon results.


Use High Quality Products

Professional salon quality products make a huge difference in appearance and texture of your hair. If you frequently undergo hair coloring in Davie, Florida, for instance, opt for a moisturizing color safe shampoo and conditioner. If you are unsure of which product is right for your hair type, consult your stylist.


Consider Hair Treatments

In Davie, the humid weather in the summer and dry air in the winter can take a toll on the health of your hair. To ensure your new style continues to look fabulous for months to come, consider salon hair treatments in Davie. Whether your hair is dry, damaged or in need of smoothing, we are proud to offer top of the line treatments here at Inscape.

For everything from quick trims to hair extensions in Davie, our team of expert stylists are here to help. Book your next appointment online today!

Halloween Hair Inspiration for Every Style

Goblins, ghouls and ghosts- oh my! The spooky Halloween season has officially arrived. Throughout the month of October, Halloween enthusiasts agonize over which ensemble they will sport to countless festivities. Whether you prefer to go full on frightening or simply use the holiday to dress like you're a celebrity on the red carpet, the hairstyle you chose will truly make or break your look. Get inspired with these unforgettable Halloween locks:

hairdo for halloween

The Adventure Seeker

This adorable hairdo is ideal for any costume that elicits a sense of adventure. From zookeepers to pirates and everything in between, these loose pigtails are simple and playful. Regardless of your current length and skill level, you can master this look in under five minutes.

rainbow diy hair color

The Rainbow Rebel

If you have never been brave enough to choose a bold and daring hair color, Halloween is the perfect time to unleash your inner rebel. There is no limit to the amount of temporary hair colors available at Inscape Beauty Salon. For a last minute fix, nearly every pharmacy carries colored hair sprays in October. Opt for an over the top purple, green or blue or create a rainbow effect by using several hues. These temporary dyes (or hair chalk) will wash out easily and without causing permanent damage to your strands.

hair extensions

The Rapunzel

Want to summon the spirit of a glamorous long haired princess? If your natural hair is already lengthy, simply visiting a natural hair salon to trim any split ends may do the trick. For those lacking the volume or length desired, hair extensions from Inscape Beauty Salon are a fantastic option all year round. For a temporary enhancement, however, invest in clip-on extensions. They are reusable and can be added to amp up your style for years to come.

natural black hair

The Dark Side

For those with brunette or natural black hair, this look does not require much effort. It is the perfect complement to vampire, zombie or witch costumes and all it requires is two basic braided pigtails. To nail the look, add white makeup to your face to create a more drastic contrast. If you’re hair is platinum blonde and the thought of using a temporary dye is the most frightening thought you've encountered this Halloween, it may be best to invest in a wig. A shoulder length black wig will work best for this look. If you find you like your trip to the dark side, and later consider hair coloring from our Hair Salon located in Davie, be sure to consult a professional first.

elegant glamorous hairstyle

The Diva

Movie stars, models, singers- all of these personas scream diva. An elegant hairstyle is key to pulling off this dreamy look. This basic up-so looks glamorous and is as easy as putting your hair in a high bun and pulling a few pieces forward.

headbands hats hairstyles

The Accessories

Let's face it- accessories are a crucial part of any costume. Headbands, hats, crowns, veils, horns and the list goes on. When deciding on your hairstyle, keep the accessories in mind. A perfectly placed accessory can elevate a look to new heights but if the addition is an afterthought, it will likely show.

halloween mom and kids

The Mom

So maybe your Halloween festivities are limited to trick-or-treating with the kids, child-friendly parties and raiding the kids’ treats after bedtime. Busy moms, however, can take advantage of this holiday in a number of ways. It is the perfect opportunity to experiment with a new style or to convince your tween to sport that adorable mother-daughter look you've been eyeing on Pinterest. If all else fails, add a witches hat or rock your usual, functional style and declare yourself a “mombie" (mom zombie) when interrogated.

Halloween only comes once each year, but appointments at Inscape Salon are available all year long. Don't let your luscious locks become a frightening sight, book your escape online today!

Turn Over a New Leaf with These Must Try Fall Hair Trends

The change from summer to fall is often a subtle one in terms of weather but when it comes to hair trends, the differences are drastic. To reflect the sunshine and warmth of the summer, summer trends point to beachy waves, sunny blonde hues and practical styles. Fall, on the other hand, is full of endless possibilities. Turn over a new leaf this season with these trendy hair styles that simply scream “fall has arrived”.

Natural Hair Glitzy Headbands Davie Salon

Glitzy Headbands

In the summer, headbands were a popular go-to option for long days on the beach. For fall, the headband craze continues, although the fall styles focus less on practicality and more making a fashion statement. Runways across the globe have showcased glitzy, over the top headbands that are perfect for dressing up or keeping it casual.

Beauty Salon with Natural Hair near Pembroke Pines

Natural Hair

Whether your natural hair is curly, wavy or stick straight, fall is all about embracing your locks in an unaltered state. To maintain stylish natural hair, Inscape Beauty Salon appointments should be scheduled every six to twelve weeks for regular trims. If your strands need repair or serious moisture, it may be wise to opt for a reparative hair treatment in Davie first. From Agave Keratin treatments to Wella intense repair masks, Inscape aims to keep your natural locks in impeccable shape. When cared for properly, every natural hair style can look like one that is fresh off the pages of a fashion magazine.

Long Lock Hairstyle from Inscape Beauty Salon

Long Locks

Not surprisingly, many opt to cut off their ultra-long locks in the summer to keep cool. Along with the brisk weather, these longer styles are making a comeback. If you struggle to grow your hair to the length you desire, aqua hair extensions in Davie can be found at Inscape Beauty Salon. A professional Inscape stylist will ensure that these premium quality extensions match your hair color and current cut for an undetectably fuller or longer appearance.

Rich Hair Color Treatment near Plantation, FL

Rich Colors

Rich colors are a staple for the fall season. For blondes, hues are leaning towards honey or hints of auburn for autumn. Brunettes, however, will be sporting deep jewel toned hues with hints of dark blues, purples and rose golds. If you are into more natural hair, salon stylists can create deep multifaceted brown shades with hints of chestnut and cinnamon to bring in the new season. Hair coloring in Davie, at Inscape Beauty Salon, is as simple as booking an appointment and describing what you are searching for- our professional stylists will do the rest!

Center or Side Parts Hair style

Center or Side Parts

Regardless of your go-to everyday style, center or deep side parts are rising in popularity. This simple, yet sophisticated look can go a long way in changing up your look for a new season. If you aren’t seeking a drastic change for fall, simply changing from a center part to a side part can freshen up your hair style.

French Braid Hair style near Hollywood, Fl

French Braids

French braids have been drastically rising in popularity and they will continue to be a hot style for fall. This classic style can be elegant or casual depending on how polished the braids are. For an evening event, braid the hair tightly and twist into a low chignon. For more casual daytime affairs, braid the hair loosely and do not focus on taming flyaway hairs. This “messy” braid look is what keeps the style lowkey and manageable throughout the day.

Ready to embrace the fall season with a trendy new hairdo? Book an appointment at Inscape Beauty Salon today!